HoloCure - How to use special attacks

HoloCure - How to Use Special

HoloCure - How to Use Special
May 26, 2023: Learn how to use special attacks in HoloCure.

In HoloCure, the hardest part is often learning how everything works. If you're looking into how the HoloCure special works, this is what you should know. It's one part of your toolkit you'll likely unlock last, but if you're not paying attention early on, you'll forget how to use it when the time comes to need it.

As well as going over the basics, this will go over how it works, what you should do to make the most of it and how to make the coins necessary to buy it. That's right: you won't just find this like an item in the middle of a run. More on that in a bit.

If you're playing the game and looking into building up your characters, the HoloCure Cutting Board is something you'll want to look into for two of the five original cast members. Also, learning how to aim in HoloCure is something you'll want to read up on if you're new to the game.

How to unlock the HoloCure special

To unlock the HoloCure special move, you first need to earn 500 coins via the game. You should get this from two or three decent runs, so it shouldn't take long.

Once you have them, go the main menu and into the shop. Click on "Upgrades" and scroll down to "Special Attack".

Buy the "Special Attack" upgrade to unlock it for every character. It is an absolutely essential upgrade in HoloCure and should be one of the very first things you buy.

HoloCure - How to Use Special
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How to use the HoloCure special?

To use the HoloCure special, you simply need to aim your character where you want it to go off and press "X". Most skills have an AOE attack or damage buff so you don't always have to point it in the right direction but it's a good thing to learn when prepping attack.

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From here, if you want your special to get a bit better, you should spend some of your resources buffing your attack damage. You can also help it out by picking up the right skills while you play.

Learn what your character's special does and play into its central gimmick. If it's a little more defensive, focus on evasive skills and stats. If it's all about the damage, make sure to increase your output.

HoloCure - Earning coins

Coins are an important resource in making sure your builds are a little better. You can spend them on the gacha game to unlock new characters, or on permanent buffs in the "Upgrades" menu.

As well as generally earning the coins as you take down baddies, you can also find boxes dropped by the game's boss type enemies. These will spin, giving you a random amount of coins and upgrades. If you're lucky, you can get hundreds of coins from a single box.

It is important to balance your need for coins with your need to survive. If you can last for longer, you will get rewarded more for it. This means dashing forward and potentially dying for that box is rarely worth it.

You can always circle around the crowds and get it later. Whenever a box is dropped and no longer on screen, you will see a white arrow on screen, pointing to where it dropped. You don't need to rush for coins but you should pick them up when they're in front of you.

If you're looking into playing the game right now and looking for the Holocure download link or a HoloCure tier list, we've got you covered there as well. And for the latest HoloCure update information, click that link as well. It's only the beginning for this one.

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