HoloCure armory - how to unlock everything

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Image of the Armory in HoloCure.

Looking to fill up the HoloCure Armory? This in-game encyclopedia is how you track which items and weapons you've unlocked so far, as well as learning more tidbits of information about them. For some tips on how to make the best use out of it, we've got you covered.

In this HoloCure guide, we'll break down what the HoloCure Armory is, as well as what all of the entries correspond to in-game. There may not be a tangible benefit to unlocking 100% of the Armory, but completionists will definitely want to give it a go.


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What is the HoloCure armory?

In HoloCure, the Armory is one of the first choices you have from the main menu. Clicking on it will bring up a grid of locked tiles, each representing either a weapon, collab, or item in the game. Here's the spread:

  • Ten weapons
  • 17 Items
  • Eight Collabs

For true completionists, the goal is to unlock each and every entry in the Armory to denote 100 percent completion. There's no specific progression tied to that however, and just because you can't see something in the Armory, doesn't mean it won't appear in-game. In fact, lots of them have unique unlock methods: like the HoloCure Cutting Board item and, by extension, the Flattening Board Collab.

Therefore, completing the HoloCure Armory isn't as important as you may expect. Instead, it's just a useful way to keep track of which pickups you've encountered so far on your roguelite journey. On top of that, it can help you brush up on the details of each one, learning what each weapon does, for example.

Considering you can also see the in-game sprite on each entry, it's a good way to start deciding which items, weapons, and collabs are best for you. Rather than a collect-a-thon, the HoloCure Armory is there to help you get even better.


How do I unlock all HoloCure armory entries?

To put it really simply, you unlock a new HoloCure Armory entry once you pick up the corresponding item in-game. Since each entry is attributed to a weapon, collab, or item, you fulfil each entry once you've given them a go in a run.

Of course, unlocking each of these entries within a game of HoloCure is a totally different prospect. Some of the more common weapons and items can simply be picked up while you're playing a round, either as pick-ups off the floor or from dead enemies.

For more precise details, check out our HoloCure weapons guide to see how to get each weapon in the game, including those which require specific characters to unlock.