HoloCure - How to get idol song

HoloCure - How to Get Idol Song

HoloCure - How to Get Idol Song
May 26, 2023: Here is what we know about unlocking HoloCure Idol Song.

HoloCure is a surprisingly fun title. With tons of Vtubers to unlock, weapons to upgrade, and items to find, there's so much to do in a game that doesn't ask for a penny. If you're looking to get the HoloCure Idol Song to complete your collection or round out your build, keep reading: we've played enough now to point you in the right direction.

Though we know how to get the item, it may require a little bit of skill and luck to get it. Here's what we know alongside a few tips; including how to unlock the character you'll need to find the HoloCure Idol Song, and how best to get the coins needed to even attempt it in the first place.

If you've been looking into it and want to know the HoloCure Download works or how to aim, click those links as well. It's a bigger game than you think, and the HoloCure update on the horizon is only going to make it even bigger.

HoloCure - how to unlock idol song

To get the Idol Song in HoloCure, you simply have to survive for ten minutes as IRyS in any mode.

Ten minutes can feel like a long time in HoloCure, but she is a pretty decent character with good speed stats, so you shouldn't have too much trouble if you're already well aware of the basics of combat.

It can be pretty easy to run away from most encounters, especially if you can use her HoloCure special attack wisely. It can be a screen wipe in the right hands, and something that'll get you out of a potential end to your run if you time it correctly.

HoloCure - How to Get Idol Song
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How to unlock IRyS in HoloCure

Unfortunately, it may take you a little while to get your hands on IRyS. In order to get her, you have to use the game's gacha mechanic. After getting 100 coins, you can go to the gacha section and roll it to unlock her. She is in the "Project: Hope" category.

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If you are willing to be patient with the game, you can unlock her reasonably fast. Take your time and buy characters as you have enough to afford them. There's no rarity system in place, so you have just as much a chance of getting IRyS as any other. Just make sure you're pulling in the right banner.

How to get coins in HoloCure

This all being said, you may want some tips on the best way to get coins. Generally, you will pick them up as you kill enemies.

As you kill bosses, they will drop a box. This box can be looted for hundreds of coins at a time. They also tend to come with an upgrade to one of your skills as well, which should make reaching another just that little bit easier. If it's a particularly hard boss creature, you may even get upgrades for multiple skills.

The key to making lots of coins is lasting a long time. This will increase your firepower and put you up against even more impressive bosses. For this reason, you want to stay alive as long as possible: which is what you'll need to practice to unlock the Idol Song anyway.

Levelling up is an essential skill that will let you take down enemies quicker, make sure to upgrade your firepower as much as possible.

As well as all of this, you can upgrade the rate at which you gain coins via the upgrade menu, for a small fee. If you have enough left over, it is worth investing in.

If you're playing the game now and looking for a HoloCure tier list, this is what we know. If this isn't what you're looking for, maybe you want to know how to unlock the Cutting Board as well.

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