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Is HoloCure On Steam?

Is HoloCure On Steam?
May 26, 2023: We've checked our information about HoloCure on Steam.

HoloCure has become a surprisingly big game in such a small amount of time. This is likely down to a fun control scheme, interesting characters and endless replayability. If you're asking yourself "Is HoloCure on Steam?", this is what you should know.

Even if you can't get an official release just yet, Steam has an interesting workaround to put any game on your client. We'll go over exactly how to do that.

If you've just started and want to know how to aim in HoloCure weapons work or how the Holocure Armory operates, we have you covered. If this isn't what you're looking for, here's a list of Holocure Weapons.

Is Holocure on Steam?

As of right now, Holocure is not on Steam, but the game's Steam page that the release date will be revealed soon. Over on the official Itch page, they say:

This game is currently for Windows PC only. We may look into macOS and linux some time in the future, but not any time soon. Our small team wants to focus on new content and bugfixing first and foremost at this time.

This means we could be a while out from an official release. The game is still very early in and the team are putting out tonnes of updates. It seems likely that, if HoloCure comes to Steam, it will be a much bigger and more robust game. It may even cost a small amount, though we have no confirmation either way just yet.

Given it's a fan game with presumably no legal right to use the names of the Vtubers is portrays, the team would likely land in a bind if they were to stick the game on Steam without all the proper paperwork and arrangements.

Is HoloCure On Steam?
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How to Get HoloCure on Steam

This all being said, there is a way to boot up HoloCure from your Steam client. First, download the game. You can read all about how to do that in our Holocure download guide.

Once you have the game downloaded and extracted into a folder that's easy to find, open up Steam. At the very top of the page, you should see a "Games" tab. Click on this and scroll down until you see "Add a non-Steam game to my library".

Browse through your files and click on the .exe file. Now you should be able to boot the game up from your Steam client.

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Can I Play HoloCure on Steam Deck?

Technically speaking, yes: you can play HoloCure on Steam Deck. If you dual-boot your machine into Windows and follow the same steps as above, you should have no trouble running HoloCure on Steam Deck.

Is Holocure Coming to Mobile?

On the Itch page, the team say:

There are no plans for a mobile version.

"Plans" is an important word here. They aren't against making a mobile port of the game but just have their focus in a different area right now. As the game continues to improve and makes its way to Linux and Mac, we may see confirmation of a mobile port.

For now, support the game however you can and hope enough people play it to justify a mobile release. If it remains popular, it seems likely something will come out of it.

If you're playing the game now and want a HoloCure tier list, we have you covered right here. If you aren't interested in this, maybe you want to know how to unlock the Cutting Board. It's one of the weapons that behaves differently on certain characters, so you might want to unlock it if you main one of them.

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