Vampire Survivors build guide - Best VS builds for each level

A Vampire Survivors stage.

A Vampire Survivors stage.

If you're struggling to fully get into the game and looking for a good Vampire Survivors build, this is everything we know so far. The game can be a little difficult when you first start. Without upgrades and knowledge of the map, you should prep however you can to handle it.

As well as going over the best build ideas, we go over how each of the main maps work and which weapons go together well. Making a good build in Vampire Survivors is much more than just a sum of its parts. You have to figure out what works best for you and your favourite character.

If you're looking for more information on the game, here is our Vampire Survivors evolution chart and Vampire Survivors cheat codes explained. If you want to play something like Vampire Survivors, check out our tier list and codes. There's quite a lot to learn here.

The best Vampire Survivors build for each level

When it comes to making a good Vampire Survivors build, you need to account for much more than just the weapons. If you're looking for a list of the game's best weapons, here is our Vampire Survivors weapons tier list.

Before settling on a build you like, try to unlock as many characters as you possibly can, to unlock both their abilities and stats. You want to play the game a bit and upgrade some of the stats from the "Power Up" tab.

Though there are technically five stages, we will only be setting up a build for the first four as the fifth has some story-driven specifications.

The best Vampire Survivors build for each level
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Vampire Survivors Mad Forest build

  • Character
    • Anyone
  • Items
    • Cross
    • Garlic
    • Whip
    • Song of Mana
    • Fire Wand

In Mad Forest, you can find the following items from the very start of the game:

  • Clover
  • Pummarola
  • Hollow Heart
  • Spinach
  • Skull O'Maniac

Mad Forest is the most forgiving map of the main four, giving you far fewer rewards for doing well.

In order to go with the map items, you can pick up the Cross, Garlic, Whip, Song of Mana, and Fire Wand to take advantage of them. Your goal is to get as many evolved weapons as possible.

Vampire Survivors Inlaid Library build

  • Character
    • Christine
    • Poppea
  • Items
    • Magic Wand
    • Gatti Amari

Inlaid Library is a much tighter map than the last, meaning you benefit from close-range hits. It also comes with the following items you can find on the map:

  • Empty Tome
  • Stone Mask

To go with these items, you want to pick up the Magic Wand and Gatti Amari. Pick a character who is quick and has a few AOE style attacks like Christine or Poppea.

Vampire Survivors Dairy Plant build

  • Character
    • Clerici
  • Items
    • Santa Water
    • Runetracer
    • Shadow Pinion
    • Axe

Dairy Plant creatures are strong but you are given extra move speed and a gold bonus to make up for it. The items you find in the level are:

  • Attractorb
  • Armor
  • Wings
  • Candelabrador

For this reason, pair it with Santa Water, Runetracer, Shadow Pinion, and the Axe. Picking Clerici is a good choice here due to them starting with Santa Water and increased health.

Vampire Survivors Gallo Tower

  • Character
    • Anyone without a whip
  • Items
    • Knife
    • King Bible
    • Song of Mana

Gallo Tower is a very vertical map, favouring the likes of Song of Mana. If you can spare doing so, you may benefit from avoiding horizontal attacks. It comes with the following items on the map:

  • Bracer
  • Spellbinder

For this reason, you should pick the Knife and King Bible. Try and pick a character who is fast but doesn't have the whip or something like this.

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