Vampire Survivors weapons tier list - Every weapon ranked

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Image of the player slashing a weapon in Vampire Survivors.
November 1, 2022: We have checked over our information

If you're looking for a Vampire Survivors weapon tier list, these are what we think you should know when you start a run. Being prepared is the best way to ensure you last your entire run, and knowing which weapons to pick will help greatly.


As well as including our own choices, we give the reasoning for each pick and go over how to find the more complicated weapons. Though there's tonnes to unlock in Vampire Survivors, it shouldn't take you too long if you know what you're doing.

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Vampire Survivors weapon tier list

Whilst this list will be inclusive of evolutions, they will not hold their own spot on this list. We have factored that into our decision, alongside how long it may take you to get the evolution, and how much it slows you down before it gets good. You can see our list below.

Weapon Tier
Song of Mana, Pentagram, King BibleS
Phier Der Tuphello, Eight the Sparrow, Laurel, Santa WaterA
Garlic, Clock Lancet, Cross, Carréllo, Shadow Pinion, Peachone, Ebony Wings, Whip, Runetracer, Bone, Lightning RingB
Axe, Fire Wand, Magic Wand, Knife, Cherry BombC

S-tier Vampire Survivors weapons

The Song of Mana is a seriously strong weapon that is only let down by how situational it starts out. Boost its range and upgrade its power, and it is good all the way until the end of a run. Unlock Poppea Pecorina to use this.


Though it can leave you missing out some experience early on, the Pentagram is an excellent weapon that regularly clears the entire screen. When upgraded, it pulls in all experience every time it is used - an excellent ability.

Finishing out our S tier, the King Bible helps to keep enemies at bay by surrounding your character and cutting down foes. Though it is more of a defensive choice, it is still excellent.

A-tier Vampire Survivors weapons

Phier Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow start our A tier. Pairing together well, they do tonnes of damage and can be duplicated to provide constant fire. When upgraded they become lasers, damaging everything on the board.

After this is the Laurel, another great defensive weapon that regularly gives you a shield. It won't save you for long when overcrowded, but provides a small amount of invulnerability, allowing you to crawl out of tight spots.

Santa Water gives huge damage over time, essentially purifying some areas of the map. Though random, it can help you plan out your next decision well.

Image of a battle in Vampire Survivors.

B-tier Vampire Survivors weapons

Garlic is an infamously hated weapon. Often seen as more flash than substance, it hooks people in without realising there are better choices. This being said, it can be a really good way of getting early levels done. You can take down pretty much any enemy with a single touch early on, allowing you to speed through levels and collect items.

Clock Lancet is an underrated weapon. Though it goes around in a clockwise motion, when upgraded, you can essentially walk in the direction it hits and remain untouched. If you know how to use it, it can be a huge asset.

The Cross can be pretty good when you leverage the fact you can hit enemies twice with it. It can be a little unruly, but very powerful if used properly.

Carréllo is a powerful weapon but far too situational and slow to really help you that much. When picked up as a secondary attack, it can do some damage. This being said, there are better choices.

The Shadow Pinion is one of the more tactical decisions. You build up your attack, then fire. It's good but doesn't suit characters who are constantly on the move.


Peachone and Ebony Wings go together and can be really strong, but their specific range leaves you constantly taking damage if enemies get too close. The Whip is an iconic weapon but there are many better choices. It doesn't have too many downsides, but it's also not particularly good.

Runetracer is a well-liked weapon but its precision and relative slowness can leave it falling behind some better choices. The Bone does decent damage, but is hard to play consistently and doesn't combine with other items in interesting ways.

Though the Lightning Ring is strong, it only hits enemies randomly. This makes it hard to plan out an efficient run with. You can duplicate its shots to do a decent bit more damage but it's not worth it after all of this.

C-tier Vampire Survivors weapons

The Axe does quite a lot of damage but can only be hit upwards and doesn't scale too well with the best passive abilities.

Random weapons can be hard to fully plan around, and this makes Fire Wand fill out the bottom tier of our list. Even its evolution is a little mediocre in comparison to other choices.

The Magic Wand hits the closest enemy, which can be a great help early on but its damage is limited and doesn't scale that well. The Knife isn't a horrible weapon but the need to constantly aim it, alongside mediocre damage, leaves it behind better choices.


Cherry Bomb finishes our list. The idea of having small bombs to throw is quite fun but sometimes they don't explode. Even when they do, they're still not that strong.

That's it for our Vampire Survivors weapons tier list! If you're looking for more tier lists, check out our Genshin Impact tier list, Honkai Impact tier list, and Epic Seven tier list. There are so many free games out there to try!