Torchlight Infinite build guides - Best builds for each class

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Three Torchlight Infinite classes.
January 19, 2022: Torchlight Infinite Season 2 is here, so here's the best builds for each character!

Just getting stuck into the latest take on a classic ARPG franchise? You'll want to check out the Torchlight Infinite build ideas below. We've already pieced together in-depth guides covering each character and trait in the game, and we'll list them out below.

You'll find each detailed guide on the own page purely because they're too long to stuff into a single page right here, but you'll get the basic idea of each Torchlight Infinite build below. Then, when you've decided which to go with, you can click onto that one to figure out the tricky stuff.

For more on the cross-platform ARPG, check out the in-depth Torchlight Infinite tier list and Torchlight Infinite codes page. The former goes well with the build ideas below. You can choose the best one from the list or just go with which sounds more fun. After that, the codes can give you a boost while you level them up.

Torchlight Infinite build ideas

Order Calling Moto

If you're up for littering the battlefield with mechanical constructs that do much of your job for you, the Moto summon Torchlight Infinite build is the one to go for.

You're not summoning magical creatures like a mage, but instead call upon the aid of your mechanical marvels instead. This is a good one for those who liked the original Torchlight meta of leaving arrow turrets and traps all over the place. Read up on our Torchlight Infinite Moto build for more.

Charge Calling Moto

Charge Calling Moto is a brand new hero trait for Moto in Season 2. This is still a minion focused build, but rather than having the minions stay alive and fight for you, they're self destructing on the enemies for massive damage.

Since this is still new, the builds for this are still being flushed out, so for now Order Calling is the best build for Moto in general.

Spacetime Illusion Youga

If you're more the support type, our base Torchlight Infinite Youga build is worth a look.

This Youga trait relies more on buffs for himself and allies, foregoing high personal damage for the sake of the team. If you like that approach in endgame content with friends, they'll be lucky to have you.

Spacetime Elapse Youga

Spacetime Elapse Youga is less of a supporting build, and more of a full blow damage dealing machine. It uses damage over time and wilt to create incredible explosions of enemies and melt bosses health insanely fast. It's currently the best build for Youga. If you're looking for a character to sink some time and fun into, then this Torchlight Infinite Youga build is for you.

Oracle Thea

Oracle Thea is a character that's definitely a second character choice. She aims to dish out massive damage by stacking up blessings, and consuming them for big damage. She uses Ring of Ice to inflict Frostbite stacks, and has some supports to really ramp up her damage. She isn't played nearly as much as others at the moment, but she can do all content with enough time and investment.

Anger Berserker Rehan

If you just want to pound the earth and send flames billowing out of the cracks you leave behind, a Torchlight Infinite build for the Berserker Rehan is the way forward.

Using rage to power his abilities, he's a hard-hitting machine that can take a beating all the same. Leap affords him stellar mobility as well, making him a great melee dodge tank if that's your style. Whirlwind was nerfed in Season 2 so he has some new skills that he's going to be using. Check out Torchlight Infinite Rehan build guide to make your mark.

Seething Spirit Rehan

Seething Spirit Rehan is the new hero trait for Rehan in Season 2. This hero trait summons a spirit to perform a powerful attack periodically while berserking. This can be very potent and has many ways to build him. Just like Charge Calling Moto, this character is still very new, so not builds are still being worked out. For now, Anger Berserker Rehan is still the best way to play Rehan.

Ranger of Glory Carino

If you want to blast through enemies from range but with the grace of an acrobat, Ranger of Glory Carino build is a good way forward.

You'll be rolling through the opposition to avoid deadly attacks on your non-armoured self while dishing out the damage through thousands of bullets. Rip and tear from range. Read through our Torchlight Infinite Carino build for the finer details.

Divine Shot Carino

Divine Shot Carino is the secondary hero trait for Carino introduced in Season 1. If the Ranger of Glory was great at attacking fast and killing packs quickly, Divine Shot is the boss killer. His traits allow him to give his bullets a shotgun effect, dishing out incredible damage to large single targets. He can still do his fair share of ad clear, but he shines for bosses.

Ranger of Glory is still the preferred way to play Carino right now, but Divine shot could be a great second character as they can use a lot of the same skills

Ice-Fire Fusion Gemma

Ice-Fire Fusion Gemma is a pretty interesting character. She tries to balance between using fire and frost skills to dish out some serious pain. But as turns out, people only focus on one of those elements rather than both.

There's a couple ways to build Ice-Fire Fusion. The first is using Flame Slash and leaning into Steep Strikes and fire damage. This is a pretty similar style to OG Rehan. The other is more of a spellcaster direction, utilizing the Thundercloud skill and converting all lightning damage to cold for big critical strike damage. Both builds are incredibly viable, and can be considered the best, it's just a matter of preference on which one you want to play.

Frostbitten Heart Gemma

Frostbitten Heart Gemma is the secondary hero trait for the character introduced in season 1. She's all about cold damage, and her best build reflects that. Her best build focuses on leveraging Frost Terra to stack cold damage over time effects on enemies. She's definitely a character that can require some investment to feel good. She's not the top way to play Gemma, so for now, stick with Ice-Fire Infusion.

picture of erika's hero traits in torchlight infinite
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Cateye Erika

Cateye Erika is the newest hero to the lineup in Season 2 of Torchlight Infinite. Erika is very unique character in that she gets her damage from moving around quickly, and stacking up big multistrikes, attack speed and critical strike chance. She is a lightning focused character that wants to stack Dexterity. If you want to run circles around your enemies, then this Torchlight Infinite Erika build is for you.

For a final bit of ARPG content, check out our Torchlight Infinite beginners guide. It covers whether or not it's a pay to win game like a few other noteworthy APRGs out there right now. Lastly, check out the UNDECEMBER crafting page if you'd rather play that one.

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