How to defeat the Unbreakable boss in Minecraft Legends

The Unbreakable boss in Minecraft Legends.

The Unbreakable boss in Minecraft Legends.

In order to beat Minecraft Legends, you will need to know how to defeat the Unbreakable boss. This giant Piglin is really tough but, despite the name, the Unbreakable boss is not that difficult if you prepare enough resources and go in with a level head. It's all about preparation and execution.

Though it's certainly strong and imposing with a name like Unbreakable, the creature is anything but what its namesake suggests. It can be beaten. It's just tough. There are some effective strategies that will help you assault its stronghold and defeat this guardian of the Nether Portal, though. Keep reading.

How to defeat the Unbreakable in Minecraft Legends

The Unbreakable in Minecraft Legends is a huge Piglin with a giant flamethrower-like weapon.

This boss works as a guardian of the Nether Portal, and you won’t be able to break the structure until you defeat it. And even before that, you'll have to break through the walls that surround its stronghold.

The character fights against the Devourer in Minecraft Legends.
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In order to successfully assault the fortress of Piglins and defeat the Unbreakable in Minecraft Legends, follow these steps:

  • Prepare a camp outside of this fortress and summon as many creatures as possible.
    • We recommend that you prepare a decent army of ranged units such as Skeletons or Plank Golems.
    • Creepers are a great option if you've unlocked them at this
  • Destroy the first wall and attack all the towers and other structures in the inner section of the fortress.
  • Build a bridge to the second wall.
  • Remember to return to your spawners to replenish your army frequently.

And if you are looking for more content, then be sure to check out our guide on how to increase storage limits in Minecraft Legends. Good luck and hopefully, you will destroy the Nether Portal! Light on resources? Learn how to get Diamonds in Minecraft Legends, as well as how to get Stone and Wood.

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