Is Marvel Midnight Suns open world?

Hunter, Captain Marvel, and Nico in Marvel Midnight Suns

Wondering whether Marvel Midnight Suns is open world or not? Being such a huge game, Marvel Midnight Suns is very tactical, and may take you some time to really explore. If you want to know how long it will take you and what you will be doing, you should know how the game functions.

In this, we whether the game is open world or not. On top of that, we'll explore how certain areas of the game are slightly less linear, meaning there's always room to roam around.

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Is Marvel Midnight Suns open world?

Unfortunately no, Marvel Midnight Suns isn't open world. The majority of time you will spend in Marvel Midnight Suns is in missions, which are very linear as expected. You'll only be able to go in the specific arenas for each card battle, and can't wander around to choose battles as you please.

Therefore, Marvel Midnight Suns is not an open world game. If you're expecting it to be the next huge sandbox akin to Insomniac's Spider-Man games, you'll soon learn that this is a very different style of Marvel game.

Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Scarlet Witch in Marvel Midnight Suns
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Does Marvel Midnight Suns have hub areas?

This being said, there are areas around The Abbey that allow you to explore and forage. There isn't too much to do in these areas aside from speak to NPCs and increase relationship stats, but it's a pleasant hub world to wander around nonetheless.

It isn't open, but a little broader than most of the game. You won't find hours of exploration to sink in, but it's as close as the game has to a sandbox.

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