Marvel Midnight Suns best Captain America build - Best abilities and cards

Captain America in Marvel Midnight Suns

Captain America in Marvel Midnight Suns

If you want some help making your way through the game, here is our Marvel Midnight Suns best Captain America build. Being a tactical game, you want to make sure to pick the very best build for all of your characters.

In this guide, we go over all we know about Captain America, the best cards for him to play, and how to make the perfect build. So much of the game is figuring out how best to use each character. This is what we know right now.

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Marvel Midnight Suns best Captain America cards

If you're looking to get the most out of Captain America in Marvel Midnight Suns, you need to know how he works, and which cards are best to use. The cards we recommend checking out are the following:

Dig In

This card will taunt all the enemies targeting one of your allies, whilst giving you more block. Not only is it good for taunting, but it can save one of your allies from being knocked down.

Shield Bash

Shield Bash does a basic amount of damage, and you can consume a percentage of your block to deal damage. Captain America is great at gaining block, so this is a good card to offload some of it.


This will give you a bunch of blocking ability, as well as giving some to your allies and drawing cards.

Marvel Midnight Suns Captain America cards in-game
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How to get Marvel Midnight Suns Captain America cards

If you want some more cards for Captain America, the best way of doing so is by sending him on missions. This will then give you Gamma Coils that can be opened to gain new cards. As well as this, you can send him on OPS to get new cards.

Generally speaking, you will get more cards throughout the game, so just play it to unlock more. Finally, upgrade your forge to gain the ability to craft new cards at will.

The best Marvel Midnight Suns Captain America build

Captain America is at his best when operating like a tank. You should aim to gain as much block as possible, whilst taunting all enemies. For this reason, here are the stats that he benefits most from:


This stat increases the size of all your abilities. You can pair this with good AOE attacks to taunt as many enemies as possible.


Captain America can fit into a group setup really well, so you should aim to keep him going. Resilience gives you a better chance to resist negative effects.

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