Marvel Midnight Suns best Hunter build - Best abilities and cards

Hunter looking towards the camera in Marvel Midnight Suns.

Hunter looking towards the camera in Marvel Midnight Suns.

If you're preparing for battle, here is the Marvel Midnight Suns best Hunter build to help you plan out your character and work on a play style. Marvel Midnight Suns is a pretty tactical game that gives you the chance to create a roster of varied heroes.

In this guide, we'll go through some of the best cards to pick up early on, how to get new cards, and how you should be creating your Hunter build. We'll explore effects, stats, and more.

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Marvel Midnight Suns best Hunter cards

Before you look into all the cards in Marvel Midnight Suns, you should know how to play the Hunter. Generally speaking, she's a bit of an all-rounder. The Hunter is largely used in a bit more of a support role, using heroic cards more and focusing on healing and countering enemies. She's great at getting your characters ready for the next major turn.

For this reason, we recommend looking into the following cards:


This card is easy to get and can be used to heal your friends. As well as this, if you overheal your allies, you get to draw two cards.

Holy Spark

Damage an enemy or cure an ally. This is effective and has the Quick effect, meaning if you kill an enemy with this card, you refund a card use.


Though it costs six heroism, it does tonnes of damage and its cost is reduced by one every single turn.

Call to Arms

Double all heroism for two turns. Pair this with tonnes of Quick cards, and you can get upwards of six heroism every single turn.

The Hunter's card deck in Marvel Midnight Suns
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How to get more Marvel Midnight Suns Hunter cards

Cards are earned through plenty of different methods. The most common is by analysing Gamma Coils. You can get them through almost every mission in the game, where you can take them to the forge and pick out some cards.

As well as this, you can grab them from main mission events, some side objectives, and times you hang out with your friends. The more you play the game, the more cards you will find. You don't have to worry too much about finding cards but you should bring people on missions who you want to get new cards for.

How do I make the best Marvel Midnight Suns build?

Though you can focus on Knockback with Hunter and this will allow you to take out multiple enemies at once, you should try to focus on the following stats:


Increases block gained at the start of your turn, as a percentage of max health.


Increase the chance to resist negative status effects.


Increase the percentage of health restored at the start of every turn.

Generally speaking, you should focus on keeping your Hunter alive and working towards helping your team. This will make her as valuable as possible!

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