Marvel Midnight Suns best Blade build - Best abilities and cards

Blade wielding a sword behind a fiery explosion in Marvel Midnight Suns

Blade wielding a sword behind a fiery explosion in Marvel Midnight Suns

If you need some help, here is our Marvel Midnight Suns best Blade build and some ideas to help you along. The new card game has so many great characters on its roster, including the Daywalker himself. You'll have tonnes of abilities to play around with him and figure out what works for you.

In this, we'll go over some of the best cards for Blade to use, how to unlock even more of them, and what you should know to make his build. We'll go over stats too, and where you should focus his energy.

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Marvel Midnight Suns best Blade cards

In Marvel Midnight Suns, the way you play the character is largely dependent on the cards you pick, and who you use them on. For this reason, we'll go over some of the best cards and why they work so well for Blade.

We recommend checking out:


This card makes you do extra damage if an enemy was already hurt this turn. This is excellent for bosses, as you can apply pressure and keep hitting with all team members.


As well as doing damage, this consumes bleed damage to do extra bleed damage. It works well and compounds bleed effects.


Though it costs six heroism, it does tonnes of damage and its cost is reduced by one every single turn.


If an enemy has block, this card deals much more damage. Great for minibosses and blockers.

Marvel Midnight Suns Blade cards in-game
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How to get Marvel Midnight Suns Blade cards

Generally speaking, the best way of getting cards is by going into missions with the characters you want to find cards for. After this, you will get given a Gamma Coil. You can bring this to the forge to open it up and choose two new cards. Eventually, you can start building them at the forge.

This being said, there are tonnes of ways you can grab cards. Most relationship events will give you cards, so just play through the game organically and you'll earn them.

The best Marvel Midnight Suns Blade build

Blade is best used very offensively, whilst focusing on bleed and lifesteal. You want to keep yourself going by stealing from your enemies and taking them all down. He doesn't focus on knockback as much as the other allies. These are the stats you should work on:


This is the raw damage you can do in each mission. You want to try and make Blade's offensive damage as strong as possible.

Critical Chance

Doing Critical damage can net you some good rewards and takes down enemies much quicker. You want to focus on doing damage and hitting enemies with effects.

Blade is almost always at his best when he is moving and striking. Passive abilities like Cold Blooded give you a chance of dealing bleed damage to enemies with every attack, so leverage that to do as much damage as possible.

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