Marvel Midnight Suns best Captain Marvel build - Best abilities and cards

Captain Marvel stood against a sun symbol in Marvel Midnight Suns.

Captain Marvel stood against a sun symbol in Marvel Midnight Suns.

If you need some help building characters, this Marvel Midnight Suns best Captain Marvel build guide should help you out. Marvel Midnight Suns is a very tactical game. Having tonnes of characters and even more fights, you want to know how they all work and how to leverage all their skills.

In this guide, we go over Captain Marvel and the very best cards you can pick for her. As well as this, we'll explain how you should build her out, what you need to know to play her correctly, and how Captain Marvel can slot into your team composition.

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Marvel Midnight Suns best Captain Marvel cards

Marvel Midnight Suns is a game dominated by the cards you play. This being said, you want to connect those cards in the right way, and with the team to get the most out of them. Here are the cards we think you should look into for Captain Marvel:


With this, you gain heroism and a bunch of block. This is great at the start of the game, especially when you combine it with taunt and counter. It can give you a really nice first turn.

Rain of Blows

This card turns all heroism and block into an attack. If you play this after a turn or two, you can do a seriously high amount of damage to a single target. This is particularly good against bosses.

Bring it On

This taunts all enemies in an area and gives you counter, meaning you do damage to anyone who hurts you. Pair this with block, and you can take all the damage.

Marvel Midnight Suns Captain Marvel cards in-game
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How to get Marvel Midnight Suns Captain Marvel cards

To grab some new cards for Captain Marvel, you have to bring her along when you go on missions.

Midnight Suns rewards you for playing with new heroes, and you will get Gamma Coils. These can then be analysed at the forge, but you can only pick cards for the heroes that went on that mission. As you continue to upgrade your forge, you will develop the ability to make cards you have already found.

This all being said, you get cards for multiple reasons. Make sure to do side activities, build friendships, and wander around the grounds. Make sure you fully explore the game, and cards will be easy to come by.

The best Marvel Midnight Suns Captain Marvel build

Captain Marvel focuses heavily on block and counters. She can take all the aggro from enemies and redirect it back at them. For her, you want to pay attention to the following stats:


This gives you block at the start of a turn as a percentage of your max HP.


Captain Marvel is great at controlling the battlefield. You have to keep her hitting. Resilience makes you less likely to be damaged by negative effects, and as such able to elongate attacking periods.

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