Marvel Midnight Suns best Doctor Strange build - Best abilities and cards

Doctor Strange in Marvel Midnight Suns

Doctor Strange in Marvel Midnight Suns

If you need a little help with your team composition, the Marvel Midnight Suns best Doctor Strange build should help you out. Marvel Midnight Suns is a pretty tactical game. Given you a team of characters to play as, you have to learn how they all work to get the most out of them.

Given the game has many complexities to it, we'll go over what Doctor Strange should be used for, and which cards fit his playstyle best. We also go over how to get the best build and what stats you should be looking out for. This will help you start your build, but you will eventually figure out what works for you.

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Marvel Midnight Suns best Doctor Strange cards

Doctor Strange has some seriously good cards, but should generally be seen for how he sets up your next move. Here are the cards we recommend reading into early on:

Vapors of Valtorr

Vapors of Valtorr gives any ally Concealed, meaning they can't be targeted by moves. They can still be hurt by throwing another ally into them, or by explosions, but this makes them practically invulnerable for a turn. It also gives the player two Heroism, a nice way of protecting a hero low on health.

Agamotto's Gaze

Though this will be one of the first cards you pick up, it's a great turn-one move. It draws the last two attack cards you played and lets you have four card plays next turn. If you pair this with cards that have Quick, it can build devastating momentum.

Doctor Strange's Vapors of Valtorr card in Marvel Midnight Suns.
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How to get Marvel Midnight Suns Doctor Strange cards

There are multiple ways to get more cards for Doctor Strange in Marvel Midnight Suns. The best way is by bringing him on missions. You will then be given Gamma Coils which you can analyse at the forge. You get to pick two out of four cards to add to your inventory. After a while, you will be able to build cards you already own at the Forge, getting repeats.

You can also get new cards for Doctor Strange by doing friendship events and hanging out with the Emo Kids. Generally, the more you explore the game, the more cards and abilities you will find. Don't worry too much about it.

The best Marvel Midnight Suns Doctor Strange build

Doctor Strange is partially a support character for your hand, and also good at moving and weakening enemies. These are the stats you should pay attention to:

Critical Chance

Doing critical hits can grant you some funny benefits - least of all the attacking boost. Given how many of Doctor Strange's abilities make you grab more cards, this will come in handy.


Keeping Doctor Strange healthy and fighting is the best way to get the most out of how much his deck synergises with others. For this reason, Resilience is crucial.

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