Does Marvel Midnight Suns have New Game+?

The Marvel Midnight Suns all stood together in a line.

The Marvel Midnight Suns all stood together in a line.

Is there a Marvel Midnight Suns New Game+ mode? Though it may take you upwards of 50 hours to get through the game, you may be left wanting for more. If so, this is what you need to know.

In this Marvel Midnight Suns guide, we not only go over how New Game+ works and how you are able to unlock it, but we'll also explain whether you can play the game after you beat it. Like Marvel movies, you aren't done with the game after you hit the credits.

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Does Marvel Midnight Suns have a New Game+ mode?

Yes, Marvel Midnight Suns does have a New Game+ mode. You unlock it right after beating the main game, and you can take your save file across to go through it one more time. You get to keep your levels and can even work on the new level system.

Once a character hits level 25, you can continue levelling up, but the gains for them are less. This gives you a reason to run through the game again, but won't make things too easy for you. Generally speaking, going through New Game+ is an excellent way to get all the cards and thoroughly explore the social aspect of the game. You may even want to align with a different morality this time.

Can you continue playing Marvel Midnight Suns after finishing it?

Yes, you can play the game after finishing it. You don't even have to go into New Game+ yet. You will have access to harder missions, and can still progress days, go to hangouts, and explore the grounds. After you beat the game, you can do everything you would normally do throughout the game.

If you're debating between the two, New Game+ will be a bigger challenge and will allow you to explore the story from a different angle. Either way, they're both worth looking at.

If you're looking for more information on Marvel Midnight Suns, here's our review. If you want even more, here are our Marvel Midnight Suns Captain Marvel, Blade, Hunter, Captain America, and Doctor Strange build guides.

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