Is Marvel Midnight Suns on Game Pass?

Scarlet Witch in Marvel Midnight Suns

Scarlet Witch in Marvel Midnight Suns

Xbox Game Pass is a wonderful way to try games you are interested in but aren't quite willing to commit to just yet. If you're wondering whether Marvel Midnight Suns is on Game Pass, this is everything you need to know.

Being a pretty huge tactical game, Marvel Midnight Suns will take you a good while to properly get into. Even after the first few hours, you don't really understand where many of the game's mechanics and stories are going. In this piece, we go over if we think it will come to Game Pass and when we think that may happen.

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Is Marvel Midnight Suns on Xbox Game Pass?

As of right now, Marvel Midnight Suns is not on Xbox Game Pass. Being a huge game with tonnes of playtime, it may take you a while to get through, so it has pretty good value for money if you choose to buy it separately.

This being said, it is not impossible for Marvel Midnight Suns to come to Xbox Game Pass in the future. It likely won't at some point soon, but Xbox brings plenty of games to the service every year, and the holidays are just around the corner. As well as this, there's always a chance we could get some big DLC in the future, and a launch on Xbox Game Pass could help the sales of that DLC.

Ghost Rider whipping a chain in Marvel Midnight Suns.
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Will Marvel Midnight Suns ever release on Game Pass?

There is definitely room for Marvel Midnight Suns to come to Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately Firaxis, the developer of the game and 2K, the publisher, don't have much of a relationship with Xbox in regard to Game Pass. We haven't seen many games from either of them arrive on the service.

This being said, huge amounts of games arrive on Xbox Game Pass every month and there are hundreds on there right now. If it does come to the service, it seems likely that it will arrive at some point over the next year. We'll update you right here as things change.

If you're looking for some more information on the game, here is our full Marvel Midnight Suns review, plus our Marvel Midnight Suns Captain America, Captain Marvel, Blade, Hunter, and Doctor Strange build guide. There is truly so much going on here, so you may need to spend some time working out what each character does best.

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