How to get Antimatter in No Man's Sky

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how to get antimatter in No Man's Sky
August 24, 2023: With the No Man's Sky Echoes update out now, brush up on getting some extra Antimatter.

Want to find out how to get Antimatter in No Man's Sky? We've got you covered. There are certain resources and materials that are simply more valuable in No Man's Sky. Common materials such as Ferrite Dust and Carbon are always going to be needed for your character to survive, but they can be found on most planets and moons that you come across.

Throughout your time exploring space in No Man's Sky, you'll be required to craft or fix a lot of various tools and technology that require rarer materials. This includes the likes of Warp Cells, the Hyperdrive, the Matter Beam, and the Teleport Receiver to name a few. Of course, if you're a No Man's Sky veteran, then you know all of these craftable items require the elusive resource known as Antimatter. Antimatter is not an easy item to craft, so in this guide, we explain exactly what Antimatter is in No Man's Sky, and how to get more of it.

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What is Antimatter in No Man's Sky?

Antimatter's most important role in No Man's Sky is the fact that it is used to craft Warp Cells, which are then used to power the Hyperdrive on your Starship. This is not the material's only use, however, as it is also needed for Teleport Receivers, Matter Beams, Shield Lattices, and Quantum Computers, amongst other tools and items.

Antimatter can also be used to fix Drop Pods, too, which will grant you additional Exosuit upgrades when found and fixed. So, it's worth always having some Antimatter to hand, even if it is a little pesky to get a hold of with ease.

Antimatter in the Exosuit inventory in No Man's Sky; it's recipe consists of Chromatic Metal and Condensed Carbon.
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How to get Antimatter in No Man's Sky

To be able to get your pockets full of Antimatter in No Man's Sky, there are a couple of ways in which you can acquire it. You can see those methods below.

Finding and crafting antimatter

An abandoned building with the Forgotten Terminal located inside, containing the recipe for Antimatter in No Man's Sky.
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First and foremost, after getting your first Hyperdrive crafted and installed, you'll be advised to seek an answer amongst the stars. This comes in the form of a main quest, which you can see by going to the main menu and viewing the 'Discoveries' tab.

By flying up and out of the planet's atmosphere that you're on, you'll be given a red icon on your HUD to travel to. Follow the signal to the relevant planet, or land, and use your Analysis Visor to keep track of where your target is. Once here, you'll come across some form of abandoned building structure that is surrounded by Whispering Eggs.

Keep cautious of the purple eggs and head inside the building to locate a Forgotten Terminal. Here, you will receive the recipe for Antimatter via a blueprint from the terminal. To craft Antimatter – now that you have the recipe – you will need 20 Condensed Carbon and 25 Chromatic Metal to throw it together.

Buying Antimatter

The Galactic Trade Terminal at a Space Station in No Man's Sky, where Antimatter can be purchased.
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Ultimately, in No Man's Sky, you can also buy Antimatter. By visiting a Galactic Trade Terminal at an Outpost or in a Space Station, you can browse the 'Buy' menu to purchase Antimatter. However, it isn't cheap. Therefore, you might want to also utilise the 'Sell' function at the terminal to sell materials you don't need, or take a look at our guide to making money.

So there you have it, that's all you need to know about the various ways to get your hands on Antimatter and what it can be used for. Be sure to check out our tips and tricks on getting the most out of your No Man's Sky gameplay, additionally, we have a guide on how you can get yourself a pet companion.

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