No Man's Sky: How to Increase Starship Storage

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A Starship in No Man's Sky using the Hyperdrive to warp between interstellar systems.
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In this guide, we explain how to increase Starship Storage in No Man's Sky by upgrading the maximum storage capacity.

While playing No Man's Sky, your Starship will cross various interstellar systems and encounter multiple different planets. These planets all contain unique equipment and resources that you'll want to gather to complete missions and build bases. Therefore, to make the most out of this, you may consider upgrading the storage slots and inventory space of your Starship.


With No Man's Sky and its new Waypoint update available on the Nintendo Switch, check out some material guides to help as you traverse the galaxy on a new platform - here's where to find Cadmium, Tritium, and Faecium, and how to increase your ship's storage.

No Man's Sky Starship Storage Capacity

Your first Starship will come with 15 storage slots. We recommend saving these for important resources such as materials to fuel your ship's Launch Thruster and Pulse Engine, as well as anything deemed to be valuable. This way, if you become victim to Sentinels or the environment, your ship should still have everything you need to continue back to a safer area.


How to increase Starship Storage in No Man's Sky

As for increasing the storage capacity of your Starship in No Man's Sky, you can visit the Starship Outfitting Terminal at a Space Station to purchase more storage using Units, or upgrade the class of your ship using Nanites.

You can also use Storage Augmentation at the terminal to increase your Starship inventory by one slot. Storage Augmentation is typically harvested from the remains of a Starship after scrapping it, but also can be found during the exploration of crashed and derelict Freighters.


Alternatively, the only other way to access more storage is by buying a new ship. To do this, you're going to have to save up Units and fork out on a new one. Nearly every single ship you come across in No Man's Sky can be bought. As long as you have the necessary amount of Units, and a half-decent reputation with the alien race you're trying to purchase off, that ship can be all yours. There's no real telling how much storage a ship will have until you go and look at it.

This also goes for abandoned ships found out in the wilderness. While these ships will be abandoned and therefore won't cost you a pretty penny, they often require a lot of work and materials in order to be fixed. There's also no guarantee that the ship will have more storage capacity than your current one, but you can check this by approaching the ship. That way, you won't waste time and materials fixing up any ships that you don't want or need.

There you have it! Here's how to expand how much your Starship can hold in No Man's Sky. As you search interstellar systems for a new ship that suits your needs, check out how to get a free freighter or a pet companion along the way.