No Man's Sky: How to Get Tritium

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A Starship amongst asteroids that can be farmed for Tritium in No Man's Sky.

In No Man's Sky, there are various resources and materials you'll encounter across space. You'll find some of them in abundance, while others can be harder to get your hands on. Fortunately, Tritium is a useful resource that can be found amongst the stars with ease. It's classed as one of the exotic elements within the game, and is one of the main ingredients required for crafting Freighter related products or for fuelling the Pulse Engine.

In this guide, we explain exactly where to find and get Tritium in No Man's Sky.

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How to Get Tritium in No Man's Sky

A Starship using its Pulse Engine amongst asteroids that can be farmed for Tritium in No Man's Sky.
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Fortunately, Tritium is rather easy to get your hands on. There are two ways to get it, and two forms it can come in. First, you can farm for Tritium whenever you take to the skies by shooting Asteroids. Secondly, you can simply purchase the exotic element from the Galactic Trade Terminal of some Space Stations.


Farming asteroids in an interstellar system is never a waste of time. Not only will you easily get your hands on Tritium, or a Tritium Hypercluster (Tritium in a crystallised form), but you can also collect Gold, Silver, and Platinum. These resources are good to sell off and make money, all while you farm for Tritium simultaneously. Also, by cracking open a Tritium Hypercluster, you will get anywhere between 61-190 Tritium and 1 Antimatter. Antimatter can be tricky to get your hands on, so this curiosity will prove extra useful.

A Galactic Trade Terminal at a Space Station in No Man's Sky.
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As for Galactic Trade Terminals, only some Space Stations will sell Tritium. It's completely up to chance whether the one you visit will have it for sale or not. Luckily, though, if the terminal isn't selling Tritium, all you need to do is leave the Space Station to find some asteroids to blast.

Getting your Exosuit's storage slots packed with Tritium is as simple as that, and the resource can always be gathered without much trouble as you travel from A to B in No Man's Sky. As you venture between interstellar systems, be sure to check out how to get yourself a pet companion to keep you company, or how to increase your Exosuit storage, so you can gather even more materials.