No Man's Sky Tips: Essential Tips For the No Man's Sky Prisms Update

No Man's Sky is still going incredibly strong in 2021. The recent Prisms update added even more visual variety and quality of life tweaks, making now a good a time as any to jump in. It can be a little daunting at first however, so we've out together this guide eaturing essential tips for No Man's Sky. We'll cover everything on what to do first, how to make sure your game is saved, great ways to make money, and more.

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No Man's Sky Tips: Essential Tips For the No Man's Sky Prisms Update

We're going to focus our No Man's Sky tips on things that'll help you get ahead at the start of the game. These tips are up to date as of the Prisms update that launched in 2021.

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1. Exosuit Upgrades

The first issue you're going to run into while playing No Man's Sky is the limited Exosuit Stoarge space. Everytime you warp into a new Galaxy, land at the Space Station and exit your ship heading right. There is a vendor here who will sell you extra slots for fees that get progressively more expensive the more you buy. Make sure to do this in every new Galaxy you visit.

2. Scanning For Cash

Without a doubt the easiest way to make money early on is by upgrading your Scanner. Look for upgrade merchants on space stations and purchase A or S-Class upgrades for the Analysis Visor. You'll now get massively increases influxes of cash just for scanning things on planets.

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3. Nexus Missions

The Anomaly can be summoned from the quick menu on your ship. It's essentially the Multiplayer Hub for the game. In the middle of this area is the Nexus, a vendor offering multiplayer missions. These have extremely high rewards, so jump into a few every now and then to earn valuable resources, credits and Nanites.

4. Storage Solutions

Make sure you have storage solutions set up besides the slots in your ship and suit. A free Freighter can be received early on in the game, which will give you a place to store all of your stuff. You can also build storage crates at a base, and can use a teleporter to run items back and forth between them.

5. Ship Upgrades

It's recommended that you unlock the red, blue and green Hyperdrive upgrades that allow you to reach distant stars as soon as possible. You'll also want the Economy Scanner so you can check Galaxies for which items you can sell at high profit. Stick an emergency warp on your ship to make sure you have an escape plan when tough pirates turn up. Finally, do yourself a favour and upgrade the Launch Thrusters on your ship, allowing you to take off and land more often without running through fuel reserves.

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6. Build a Base

Follow the questline that has you building out a base as soon as you can. Not only will it give you a place to call home, you'll unlock all kinds of new blueprints and items. You can eventually start growing plants for resources like Faecium.

7. Hazard Protection

There are many different kinds of planets to explore in No Man's Sky, each with its own environment. Make sure you focus on installing suit protection upgrades against heat, cold, and radiation. You should also increase sprint speed and jetpack usage efficiciency if you can.

8. Speak the Language

There are three main languages to learn in No Man's Sky, and you'll need to unlock words one by one to be able to understand ehat everyone is saying. A better way to do this is to follow the Artemis main questline, until you get the Artemis Translator item. This will automatically translate speech, allowing you to barter with Gek, Korvax, and Vykeen.

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9. Valuable Resources

When heading towards a planet make sure to use the long-range scanners to identify any rare resources. Look for Storm Crystals on hazardous and volatile planets, and for ancient bones as well. These are extremely valuable, and will sell for a lot of credits if you can get them back to a Galactic Terminal.

10. Follow Your Objectives

There are a few main quests to follow at the start of No Man's Sky. Follow them, because you'll unlock everything you need to play the game naturally. Bases, underwater exploration and portals are all covered in the main story, so use them as a tutorial before you go off on your own.

11. Use the In-Game Info

You'll find information on every resource you come across in the menus of No Man's Sky. You can pin recipes to the log menu, giving you hints as to the locations of certain items. There's a lot of helpful info to be found buried in these menus, so have a read every now and then.

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12. Upload Your Data

If you head into the Discoveries menu you'll see the option to 'Upload All'. This will reward you with Nanites just for registering all of the things that you have scanned while playing. Do this at the end of each of your play sessions.

13. Hello Helios

There's an NPC called Helios in the Nexus area of the Anomaly. Speak to them often, as you can hand in data in exchange for Nanites. Sometimes it'll be planetary data, sometimes info on plants. Do this whenever you are in the Anomaly for extra Nanites.

That's all of our No Man's Sky Tips. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on How to Save.

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