No Man's Sky: How to Save Your Game (2021)

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You'll want to make sure your game is saved regularly in No Man's Sky. Given how hostile some planets can be, and the fact that you'll likely have semi-valuable resources on you at all times, lost progress can be a living nightmare. Here's how to save in No Man's Sky using autosave, manual saving and Save Points.

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How to Save in No Man's Sky (Post-Origins Update)

There are a few different ways to save your game in No Man's Sky, with a new save item added in the recent Origins update. Here are the three main ways to save your game progress:

  • Auto-Save: Primarily using the ship to trigger checkpoints
  • Save Points: An item added to the game recently, essentially a portable save beacon
  • Beacons: Fixed structures on planets that can map the immediate area and trigger a save

These are the three main ways to save your game progress. Let's go into a bit more detail on each of them.


Auto Save

The Auto-Save can be used to immediately save your game, without the need for crafting or heading into menus. Just get into your ship and exit back out of it. You will see that a new save point has been created. You can do this as often as you like, and is a good way to save while on planets.

The save point in No Man's Sky, with the recipe detailed: Metal Plating x 2, Di-Hydrogen Jelly x1

Save Points

Save Points were introduced in No Man's Sky Origins, allowing players to craft a portable save beacon. This allows you to manually save your game. Just use the following materials to craft one:

  • Metal Plating x 2
  • Di-Hydrogen Jelly x 1

Once you've got these materials, open the quick-build menu and select 'Portable'. Craft the Save Point and it'll go into your inventory. you can then place and interact with it to save your game.



Beacons can often be found near buildings and large structures on planets. Interacting with them allows you to map the immediate area and save the game in the process. Look for landing pads and buildings to find a place to save here.

That's how to save in No Man's Sky. For more on the game be sure to check out our look at where to get Faecium. Elsewhere there's our breakdown on how to get a free freighter.