How to get Paraffinium in No Man's Sky

A player uses the Pulse Engine on their Starship to navigate space quicker in No Man's Sky.

A player uses the Pulse Engine on their Starship to navigate space quicker in No Man's Sky.

In No Man's Sky, there are various resources and materials you'll encounter across space. You'll find some of them in abundance, while others can be harder to get your hands on. In this guide, we explain how to get Paraffinium in No Man's Sky.

Paraffinium is an uncommon resource required for Geobays and other constructions but can be a little pesky at times to get your hands on.

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How to get No Man's Sky Paraffinium

A player uses the Analysis Visor to locate a Paraffinium Deposit on a tropical planet in No Man's Sky.
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There are three ways to go about getting your pockets full of Paraffinium in No Man's Sky: farming it, refining it, or buying it. It's not the most common resource, but when you know where to go about getting it, it's easy to have it in abundance.

If you're attempting to farm for Paraffinium, you can scan planets while in outerspace to see if any of them have large Paraffinium deposits to mine from. It can also be extracted from a handful of resources and planets if you scan areas with your Analysis Visor. You will typically find that Paraffinium is more common on planets with a tropical environment.

Alternatively, you can also craft Paraffinium using a medium or large refiner and some other resources. There are multiple recipes that result in Paraffinium, and these are as follows:

  • Silver + Oxygen
  • Star Bulb + Salt
  • Pyrite + Ferrite Dust
  • Pyrite + Pure Ferrite
  • Sulphurine + Ferrite Dust
  • Sulphurine + Pure Ferrite
  • Sulphurine + Magnetised Ferrite

Your easiest option is likely combining Oxygen and Silver, but your crafting recipe for Paraffinium depends on what you have to hand!

The third and final option for acquiring Paraffinium in No Man's Sky is by buying it, but this can be a matter of luck, too. Some Galactic Trade Terminals at Outposts or Space Stations will sell the resource, but there's no determining which ones, and no determining how much of the resource they may have available to sell. Therefore, we recommend trying to farm or refine the resource before trying to buy it.

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