How to get Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man's Sky

No Man Sky Salvaged Frigate module
Credit: Hello Games

No Man Sky Salvaged Frigate module
Credit: Hello Games
August 24, 2023: With the No Man's Sky Echoes update finally here, you'll need plenty of Salvaged Frigate Modules to start upgrading.

Need help getting Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man's Sky? Frigates are crucial to a player's galactic fleet of ships in No Man's Sky. The large ships are invaluable to players looking to perform various actions throughout the universe. Each type of frigate performs a different function, but they can all be upgraded similarly.

Those upgrades start with Salvaged Frigate Modules, which players will need in bundles if they wish to upgrade their frigates fully. Unfortunately, due to their usefulness, Salvaged Frigate Modules are often challenging to find and are considered a rare loot drop. Although, there are specific ways players can maximise their earning potential when it comes to Salvaged Frigate Modules.

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How to get Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man's Sky

There are several ways to obtain a Salvaged Frigate Module, we won’t list just one method. Instead, you can find several different methods below.

Completing Frigate Expeditions

Of course, as you might expect, the primary way to acquire Salvaged Frigate Modules is to complete Frigate Expeditions, which are essentially unmanned missions that five different teams of frigates can go on per day in No Man’s Sky. You can have five frigates per squad.

You can accept these Frigate Expeditions through the navigator on the freighter bridge. Here, you can task your five frigate squads to go on missions that are rated by difficulty. The harder the mission, the more risk is opened up to your frigates. They could sustain damage, and you could even lose a frigate or two on four or five-star difficulty-rated missions. However, the rewards for completing these harder expeditions are more plentiful.

When you complete a Frigate Expedition, you have a 7-20% chance of earning a Salvaged Frigate Module as a reward. The chance of you acquiring the item is increased or decreased depending on the overall difficulty of the expedition. This is the best opportunity to earn Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man’s Sky, but the likelihood is still small.

Raiding frigates and completing missions

Salvaged Frigate Module No Man's Sky
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Credit: Hello Games

The next best way of acquiring Salvaged Frigate Modules is to head to any space station. At stations, you will find NPCs that hand out missions you can take on in exchange for rewards. Sometimes, those rewards are Salvaged Frigate Modules. However, this is far from a guarantee, so you must rely on an element of luck here.

Aside from accepting a mission from an NPC, you can head back out to space and wait for freighters or frigates to appear. Your goal here is to destroy the cargo pods on the ships hoping they will have Salvaged Frigate Modules. If one ship doesn’t have the item, you can move on to the next.

Once you have successfully destroyed all of the ships in the area, you can fly to a nearby, but don't enter its atmosphere. Doing this makes an all-new set of freighters and frigates spawn back in by the space station. It should be noted that you don’t need to be in any specific galaxy for this to work. You can travel to any space station to find freighters and frigates surrounding them. The process is the same at any other space station, as you're just looking for the cargo pods on the ships.

Alternatively, you can also accept Nexus missions from the Space Anomaly - the multiplayer hub in No Man's Sky. The Nexus is a giant robot eye surrounded by a green cube at the beginning of the hub. Talk to it, and you will see a complete list of current missions you can accept.

You will want to mainly look at the top set of quests called Quicksilver missions. These provide the best rewards from the Nexus, but any quest offers some reward. The rewards for all quests rotate every 10 minutes, so you can wait around for a quest that offers some Salvaged Frigate Modules as a reward. Or, you can take your chances, accept a mission with a random reward, and hope it’s a Salvaged Frigate Module.

Looting Derelict Freighters

This is arguably the most lucrative way to find Salvaged Frigate Modules. Derelict Freighters are ships you can board throughout the galaxy. You can stumble upon a Derelict Freighter through random chance or the Emergency Broadcast Receiver.

Either way, you can land on a Derelict Freighter using No Man's Sky's auto-landing feature. This is done by lining your ship up with the airlock of the freighter, which is found right next to the red lights by the landing pads.

After you see green lights pop up on your screen, you are free to hit your landing button to descend automatically. On the freighter, you can explore the inside of the abandoned ship in hopes of looting crates that contain Salvaged Frigate Modules. The drop rates are low for each crate, but you should be able to loot enough crates that your odds go up exponentially.

Looting Crashed Freighters

Salvaged Frigate Module No Man's Sky
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Credit: Hello Games

Finally, we have our last somewhat decent way of acquiring Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man's Sky. This is through looting the storage units on board Crashed Freighters, which can be found through a Planetary Chart (Emergency Cartographic Data). This can be purchased from a Cartographer on any space station in No Man’s Sky.

With the chart, you can use it for a small chance of it leading you to a Crashed Freighter. However, once again, the chances are low, so you might have to buy several charts to find one that leads you to the place you want to go. The charts cost one Navigation Data, for reference.

If you can find a Crashed Freighter, you can open your Analysis Visor to see a ton of buried caches surrounding the ship. You will need a random resource to open the caches, which have a chance to be a Salvaged Frigate Module. Again, though, this is only a chance, so don’t expect to be guaranteed a module.

While there are other ways of obtaining Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man's Sky, these methods offer the best chance of finding the item.

Best Salvage Frigate Module farm in 2023

We've given you plenty of options to tackle this painstakingly annoying farm, however, we believe your best bet to be time-efficient is by looting either derelict or crashed freighters. It might take you time to find a nice consistent rhythm of finding them, but once you do, looting them takes little to no time compared to other activities.

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