No Man's Sky: How to Increase Exosuit Storage

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The vendor, in a Space Station of No Man's Sky, where players can buy Exosuit upgrades and increase their storage capacity.

No Man's Sky is a sci-fi survival game that sees players explore multiple galaxies of various biomes. Thus, there is a lot of resources and equipment to get your hands on. To make the most out of this, you'll want to upgrade the storage of your Exosuit, so you can gather and collect more materials at a time.

In this guide, we explain how to buy more storage and find storage upgrades for your Exosuit in No Man's Sky.


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Table of Contents

Exosuit Storage Capacity

The Exosuit inventory and storage capacity in No Man's Sky.

In your Exosuit in No Man's Sky, there are three sections that can be filled with different equipment. Firstly, there is your normal inventory that can contain up to 48 slots. Then, there is a cargo inventory that also can contain up to 48 slots. Finally, there is a technology section that can have up to 15 slots.


The cargo section allows you to have larger stacks of individual items compared to your normal inventory, while the technology section can be used for storing your upgrades and other technology, as you can imagine.

How to Buy More Exosuit Storage Space

The vendor, in a Space Station of No Man's Sky, where players can buy Exosuit upgrades and increase their storage capacity.

To buy more Exosuit storage space in No Man's Sky, you will need to head to the nearest Space Station. After landing, head up the stairs to your left and find the Exosuit storage vendor. He is to the right of the appearance customiser.


Here, there is a pod that you can approach to upgrade your Exosuit. You can then purchase new slots for additional storage space. The first costs 5,000 units, and each slot increases in price after this. This is, at first, one of the easiest ways of acquiring more storage for your Exosuit.

How to Find Exosuit Storage Space Upgrades

The alternative way to upgrade your Exosuit storage space is by encountering upgrades for it in the wilderness of No Man's Sky. When on a planet, you can locate or stumble upon a structure known as a Drop Pod. These pods will then contain an Exosuit upgrade; however, you will need to fix the broken Drop Pod before being able to access this.

Fixing the broken Drop Pod typically requires locating and using resources that can often be more difficult to acquire in No Man's Sky. For example, Antimatter, Sodium Nitrate, or Deuterium may be required. This is why it is easier to perhaps purchase Exosuit upgrades; then, when you come across a Drop Pod, you may be lucky enough to already have the necessary resources on your person.


That's all you need to know about upgrading how much your Exosuit inventory can hold in No Man's Sky. To make use of that storage, we recommend you check out how to farm salvaged data or how to get the likes of chlorine or emeril.