No Man's Sky: How to Get Emeril

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Emeril is a rare resource that can be found in certain star systems in No Man's Sky. You'll need the Emeril Drive in order to get it, which in turn is crafted using another rare resource. Here's how to get Emeril in No Man's Sky, and some info on what it is primarily used for.

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No Man's Sky: How to Get Emeril

To get Emeril you will first need to purchase the blueprint for an Emeril Drive at the Anomaly. You'll need Salvaged Data to buy it, and the following resources to craft it:

  • Wiring loom (x4)

The recipe for the Emeril Drive in No Man's Sky: 250 Cadmium, 4 Wiring looms

Once you have the Emeril Drive installed, make sure you have fuel in your Hyperdrive and head into the Galaxy Map. Search for a green star system and warp to it. Planets in these systems will have Emeril deposits on them.


a green star system is highlighted in the Galaxy Map

Mine deposits using your Terrain Manipulator. You can find them using your scanner, labelled as Emeril Deposits. Make sure to gather as much as you can, as you'll need to travel back to green star systems to more if you run out.

Using a Refiner to Get Emeril

If you already have some Emeril on you, place it into a Medium Refiner. Add Chromatic Metal and you can double your Emeril stocks. This is a great use for any Chromatic Metal you have, as it is much easier to get than Emeril.


What Is Emeril Used For?

Emeril is primarily used to craft the Indium Drive, which allows you to reach blue star systems. Here are some other items that require Emeril in order to craft:

  • Atlas Pass V3
  • Chromatic Warp Shielding
  • Damage Radius Tau
  • Venom Urchin
  • Deflection Enhancement Theta

That's all you need in order to get Emeril in No Man's Sky. For more help with the game, be sure to check out our guide on getting Portals. Elsewhere there's our look at some Essential Tips for playing the game.