No Man's Sky: How to get Atlantideum

An image of crystals where Atlantideum could be found in No Man's Sky.
Credit: Hello Games

An image of crystals where Atlantideum could be found in No Man's Sky.
Credit: Hello Games

No Man's Sky is abundant with resources for players to find and craft useful items that will help them in their journey. With each update the game releases, players are introduced to more and more materials and items that will make their playing experience more entertaining and allow them to better explore the star systems lore-wise.

The most recent Interceptor update in No Man's Sky added a plethora of content to the game. This includes several new resources and items for players to find and use. On your adventures, you might encounter the Atlantideum metal, which is useful for both upgrading and refining.

If you're interested in Atlantideum and how to get it in No Man's Sky, then keep reading the guide below.

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How to get Atlantideum in No Man's Sky

Considered one of the "special elements," Atlantideum can be found spilled on the bodies of Corrupted Sentinels. You'll see a shower of prismatic grains looking for its next host. The Atlantideum actively seeks ways to avoid being contained as if it has a mind of its own. Moreover, it has a crystalline design that can fool people of its corrupt nature.

An image of a Corrupted Sentinel in No Man's Sky.
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Credit: Hello Games

There are a variety of ways to get Atlantideum on Corrupted Planets. First by mining small purple crystals on corrupted planets, you'll be able to easily see them because of how distinct the crystals are. Another way is by killing Corrupted Sentinels, which is the main way to get the resource. These crystals shouldn't be confused with Radiant Shards, though, as those come from the much larger purple crystals.

You'll get a higher chance of getting more Atlantideum by killing those Corrupted Sentinels, though. You have a 66% chance to receive Atlantideum as a drop from killing any of the living Sentinels you find.

Lastly, you can also get Atlantideum by looting wheelbarrows at harmonic camps. These have a low chance of returning Atlantideum, 8%, in comparison to the 66% from killing Sentinels. So be sure to be well-equipped when fighting Sentinels so that you can get a decent amount of the resource.

Uses of Atlantideum

While Atlantideum is not used for crafting and cooking, you can use it as an ingredient for refining. Using a refiner, you can combine Pugneum and Atlantideum to produce multiple Pugneum or combine a Runaway Mould, Atlantideum, and Pugneum to make three Runaway Mould. These Moulds can then be refined into Nanites as well.

You can also use Atlantideum to repair Sentinel Multi-Tools and activate lore nodes on Corrupted Planets.

That's all the information we have on Atlantideum, how to get it, and its uses in No Man's Sky. For more guides like this, you can check out our pieces on how to get an Exocraft in-game and how many ships you can own in No Man's Sky. We also have a guide on how to get Microprocessors in No Man's Sky if you're interested in that.

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