No Man's Sky Harmonic Brain guide

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This guide explains how to get and use No Man's Sky Harmonic Brain.
Credit: Hello World

No Man’s Sky was released on 9 August 2016. This year the game celebrates its 7th anniversary. Despite that, it is still supported by the developers at Hello Games who release new content regularly. The newest Interceptor update on 5 April brought the Harmonic Brain to the game, and many players have some questions about how to acquire this new resource.

In this guide, we will explain how you can get and use Harmonic Brain in No Man's Sky. It is one of the highlights of the most recent update in the game, and it will certainly come in handy for both new and veteran players.

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How to get Harmonic Brain in No Man’s Sky

The Harmonic Brain is an extremely rare item in No Man's Sky that will require some tedious work on the part of the player to acquire. Players shouldn't expect to add the Harmonic Brain to their inventory quickly. Luckily, there are a few different ways of acquiring Harmonic Brain, giving players some options.

The most straightforward way of getting Harmonic Brain is to obtain it from Hyaline Brain - another valuable resource in No Man’s Sky. Hyaline Brain can be acquired by removing materials from a ship that has damaged parts and needs repair.

After you have spent some time scrubbing your ship of damaged parts and have Hyaline Brain in your inventory, press X on Xbox and Square on PlayStation. This will initiate the probing process and the exact location where you can transform Hyaline Brain into a Harmonic Brain will appear on your screen.

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The only disadvantage of this way is that it works only for the first ship, which will likely be the new Sentinel Interceptor ship. If you have your first ship fixed up, you can get more Hyaline Brains by fighting enemy Sentinel Interceptors - the central sentinel you will find traveling worldwide. The unit is not robust, but killing it takes time, so you will once again have to be patient.

How to use the Harmonic Brain in No Man’s Sky

The primary purpose of the Harmonic Brain is to repair and get a new ship. The item is required to finish the final process - fixing the starship. Therefore, it is nearly useless at the beginning of the game. To use Harmonic Brain, open the inventory and press the same button that you did previously, but this time hover over the item's icon.

Consider that a single Harmonic Brain cannot repair a ship in No Man’s Sky. Check out the list below to see the total amount of resources needed to fix a ship.

  • Harmonic Brain (1)
  • Radiant Shard (3)
  • Inverted Mirror (1)

If you're looking for Radiant Shards, we recently covered how to find them in a previous guide. Once you have all of the resources, you will be able to repair a ship and set off into the galaxy of No Man's Sky.

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