No Man's Sky - How to make money fast

A player watching other Starships take off in No Man's Sky.

Even in the expansive galaxy that players can explore in No Man's Sky, they will still face some of the real-world problems they have outside of the game. While repairing a spaceship is not one of those problems, trying to come up with the money to buy new parts or a new spaceship altogether is certainly an issue players can relate to.

In No Man's Sky, you'll need Units to upgrade your technology and get yourself around the various galaxies that the game has to offer. Fortunately, there are multiple ways of farming Units and getting more cash. In 2023, players can take advantage of these strategies to grow their wallets and have enough Units for most purchaseable items in No Man's Sky.

In this guide, we will explain a handful of tips on how to get more money (also known as Units) in No Man's Sky.

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Trade materials for Units

By finding Trade Terminals in Space Stations, Outposts, and Shops, you can sell your items for Units using the Galactic Trade Network.

You can mine for precious metals from asteroids in space; you can do this just outside the Space Station without the need to travel too far. Alternatively, you can use the Analysis Visor to locate valuable resource deposits on the planets you're exploring. You can then farm these resources to ultimately sell later on.

A player using the Galactic Trade Network at a Space Station to trade items for Units in No Man's Sky.
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Craft valuable items to trade

Crafting advanced products is another valuable source of income. Mine metals from resource deposits on planets using the Analysis Visor and Terrain Manipulator. If you have the Survey Device upgrade for the Analysis Visor, you can also make use of Mineral and Gas Extractors for more resources.

The combination of metals will create Alloys, while gas combination creates Compounds. If you combine these with each other, or with Agricultural Products, you can create even more valuable items. As you can expect, combining materials from multiple worlds increases the value of items.

Upgrade your Scanner and scan items

Another way of easily earning money early on in No Man's Sky is by utilising the Scanner (also known as the Analysis Visor). By using the item to scan various materials and resources around the planets you visit, you will be granted Units for each new discovery that you make.

Additionally, if you visit an upgrade merchant at one of the Space Stations, you can purchase A- or S-class upgrades for the Analysis Visor. These will increase the number of units you earn for each resource you scan!

Farm Whispering Eggs

A player looking at Whispering Eggs in No Man's Sky.
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By farming the Larval Cores from the inside of Whispering Eggs, you can make a lot more money than you would be standard trading. However, there is a small threat to your life involved. There is a way in which to farm these materials safely, though.

Firstly, you'll want to locate an Abandoned Building on a planet and then build a Base with Base Computer nearby. This will require Chromatic Metal and Carbon. Build a wall around a cluster of the Whispering Eggs, the mine one outside the walls to cause Biological Horrors to appear. Then, use your jetpack to get safely inside the small walls you built and farm away at the Whispering Eggs and their Larval Cores.

Once you've had your fill of farming Whispering Eggs, you can trade them at a Space Station, as you would with other resources.

Complete missions

In Space Stations, there is a Mission Board. Completing available jobs from here can act as another way of making money. This will also raise your reputation with different alien races and ultimately unlock more missions.

Note that not all missions will grant you Units to spend, with some providing Nanites or technology as a reward upon completion instead. You can also get your hands on a free Freighter, and use this to then complete further missions that will reward you with a mixture of currency and items.

When it comes to making money while not attracting the attention of Sentinels in No Man's Sky, that's all you need to know. Ultimately, trading and finding the most valuable items to trade is your best bet beyond completing missions and simultaneously building rapport with other races.

Complete Nexus missions via the Anomaly

Once you have unlocked The Anomaly, you can access it from the quick menu of your Starship. From here, you'll be able to access Nexus. Nexus is a vendor that will offer multiplayer missions to you, which reap high rewards. So, outside your solo play, be sure to take on a Nexus mission occasionally to gain Units, Nanites, and other valuable resources.

Farm Ancient Bones

While scanning a planet from space, you will occasionally see 'Ancient Bones' listed as a resource. These generally only appear on extreme planets, but they're worth the risk. Some pieces can be worth literally millions of Units. Use your scanner at planet level to find them, and then dig them up with the Terrain Manipulator. Each set of bones will take up an inventory slot, so make sure you have space in your exosuit and ship.

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