No Man's Sky: Dissonant Systems

No Man's Sky Dissonant System Purple Crystal resources

No Man's Sky Dissonant System Purple Crystal resources

With the 4.2 Interceptor update, No Man’s Sky has seen the introduction of the new Dissonant Systems, consisting of corrupted planets, which you can harvest for newly discovered resources, such as Radiant Shards and Atlantideum.

To get you up to speed with this new update, we have prepared this guide on the Dissonant Systems in No Man’s Sky.

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What are the Dissonant Systems in No Man’s Sky?

Dissonant Systems are the entirely new type of star systems introduced in patch 4.2, Interceptor update, of No Man’s Sky. Dissonant Systems are characterized by the inclusion of certain planets shrouded by darkness, emitting a purple haze and giving them the "corrupted planets" moniker.

With a host of new planets and corrupted Sentinels in these systems, you can salvage them for unique resources.

How to find Dissonant Systems

Finding a Dissonant System can be challenging as the systems are generated procedurally, which results in random spawns. Your best shot at locating one is to utilize your galactic map and look at the description of each nearby star system.

You’re looking for the key term “Dissonant” in the star system descriptor to identify the Dissonant Systems from the normal ones. Moreover, if you happen upon a corrupted planet, you’d be in a Dissonant System.

What are corrupted planets and how to farm their resources?

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Corrupted planets are a key feature of Dissonant Systems and a great farming spot after the latest update. These planets are identified by mysterious purple crystals sprouting from the ground, covering huge chunks of the planet. Moreover, you are likely to come across the corrupted Sentinels. They have become extremely hostile after succumbing to the dark, attacking any traveller that crosses paths with them.

Despite the hostility, exploring the corrupted planets within Dissonant Systems is a great way to scavenge for items. You can use your mining laser to farm the purple Radiant Shards erupting from the ground and defeat the corrupted Sentinels to harvest various Sentinel upgrade items.

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You can collect these resources to improve your brand-new starship, the Sentinel Interceptor, which requires unique Sentinel components for upgrades.

Moreover, you can find Sentinel jetpack customization upgrades on these corrupted worlds, among other resources. In fact, you can find entire crashed Sentinel Interceptors on these worlds that you can then add to your fleet.

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