No Man's Sky: How to Get Deuterium

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Deuterium has become progressively harder to get since No Man's Sky launched, no longer available as a plant that you can pick up. It is still found at planet level, but interacting with it will only boost your jetpack for a short time, and none will actually go into your inventory It's a pretty useful resource, so you'll want to stay updated with the best way to get it. Here's how.

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No Man's Sky: How to Get Deuterium

Deuterium is no longer available as a plant pick-up, which means you'll need to try other methods of getting it to keep your reserves stocked. Here are the main ways of getting Deuterium in 2021:

  • Refining: Deuterium can be refined from Tritium and Di-Hydrogen. You'll need a Medium Refiner to do so.
  • Purchasing from the Galactic Terminal: You can buy Deuterium at certain Space Stations, and from NPCs.
  • Dismantling Deuterium-enriched equipment: You can take certain equipment apart to get Deuterium, like the Neutron Shielding module.

Using a Medium Refiner to create Deuterium from Di-Hydrogen and Tritium.


The best way to get Deuterium in No Man's Sky is to use a Medium or Large Refiner. You'll need to purchase the blueprints for these from the Anomaly if you haven't already before continuing. Place Tritium and Di-Hydrogen into the refiner and start the process. You'll get Deuterium out at a steady stream.

Purchasing Deuterium

You can sometimes find Deuterium available on the Galactic network at Space Stations. Some NPCs will also sell it, so check pilots that are standing next to their ships. This is a pretty unreliable way to get Deuterium, so try other methods first.


Dismantling Equipment

The final way to get Deuterium in No Man's Sky is to dismantle equipment that uses it as a crafting item. Currently, this would be the Neutron Shielding module and the Pulse Spitter. Check your inventories for these items.

That's all of the ways to get Deuterium in No Man's Sky. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on getting Radon. Elsewhere there's our look at some essential tips to get ahead.