Gotham Knights Talia al-Ghul boss guide - How to defeat and rewards

Red Hood looking at Talia al-Ghul in Gotham Knights.

Need help with the Gotham Knights Talia al-Ghul boss? The daughter of Ra's al-Ghul is the final enemy you encounter in the game's story mode, and she's a suitably tough adversary as a result. If you find yourself stuck and need a little help, you're in the right place.

In this Gotham Knights guide, we'll explain how the Talia al-Ghul boss fight works, alongside a few tips to help you defeat her. We'll also outline the rewards you get for finishing this fight - and given it's the last one in the game, they're looking good.

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How do I defeat the Gotham Knights Talia al-Ghul boss?

If you're focusing purely on main quest missions, the Talia al-Ghul boss fight is the last battle you'll have in Gotham Knights. In Case File 7 she's revealed to be the game's main villain, plotting to control Gotham using the League of Shadows.

After discovering the reincarnated body of Bruce Wayne and freeing him from his Lazarus Pit-induced trance, it's up to you to stop Talia for good. As you'd expect, this comes in the form of good old-fashioned melee combat, though things are a lot more difficult than most other fights in the game.

Talia al-Ghul boss strategy

There are two phases to the Talia al-Ghul boss fight, with the first being much easier than the second.

In the first phase, she has a fairly sizeable health bar for you to whittle down. Fortunately, it's made quite easy due to her obvious attack patterns, letting you know exactly when she's vulnerable.

Talia balances a mix of melee combo attacks and magical moves, where she floats in mid-air to charge up a pound attack. All you need to worry about in this phase is continually dodging around the arena, giving her no room to land strikes. We recommend tossing Batarangs as often as possible to passively drain her HP bar, while also keeping an eye out to avoid stepping into any Lazarus Pits. These will drain your health.

After defeating Talia al-Ghul for the first time, a second phase begins. Her move set is mostly the same, but this time she moves a lot faster, and packs more of a punch with her attacks. Our strategy this time was to dodge away from her as often as possible, given a few well-placed combos are enough to kill you.

She moves in a circular rotation around the central Lazarus Pit, so try to always stand on the opposite side of the pool as her. Constantly send projectiles her way as you build up your Momentum meter, and use your special moves to deal extra damage to speed up proceedings.

It's a slow process, and it takes a while to learn how to dodge her moves, but the Talia al-Ghul boss fight is tough for a reason. It isn't on the same level as Elden Ring or Thymesia, but prepare for a solidly challenging boss battle.

Batgirl stood in the Gotham City skyline in Gotham Knights.
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What are the rewards for defeating the Gotham Knights Talia al-Ghul boss?

Once Talia al-Ghul is defeated, that's it for the main story of Gotham Knights. You'll be in for a long ream of cutscenes as the story wraps up, before getting control of your character once again to mop up any extra objectives you may have lingering around.

In terms of specific rewards, you actually get a brand-new suit for defeating Talia and completing the main game. It's called the New Knight Suit, and has the all-black stylings so synonymous with Batman. Even better, it works with the transmog system, so you can port other suits' stats onto it while retaining the design.

You also get a New Knight melee weapon based on your character of choice, to ensure your damages are just as blistering as your new look.

That's it for our tips on the Gotham Knights Talia al-Ghul boss fight! For even more on the game, check out our Man-Bat boss guide, as well as a look at how to heal.

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