Gotham Knights Man-Bat boss guide - How to defeat and rewards

Man-Bat roaring during a boss fight in Gotham Knights

As more of an RPG than an outright action game, Gotham Knights doesn't have too many main quest bosses. There is one key exception, however, at the end of Case File 7, where you head to an abandoned Arkham Asylum. It's here that the Gotham Knights Man-Bat boss appears - and it can be a pain to complete if you aren't prepared.

In this Gotham Knights guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about the Man-Bat boss. That includes how to defeat it, our tips from experience, and all the juicy rewards you get for putting this horrifying hybrid creature back in its place.

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How do I defeat the Gotham Knights Man-Bat boss?

As mentioned, the Man-Bat boss fight emerges at the end of Gotham Knights' seventh chapter. You will have just finished exploring Arkham Asylum for any sign of Talia al-Ghul, when you're ambushed by this hulking creature.

One thing to note is that the Man-Bat boss doesn't have a scaled level based on how strong you are. The game recommends you don't take on this challenge until you're between levels 20-25. However, we went into the fight at level 16 and managed to win without needing any restarts.

Man-Bat boss strategy

In terms of approach, you'll want to focus on a lethal combination of melee combat and ranged attacks to slowly chip away at Man-Bat's health bar. As you may imagine, it has a huge HP base, so you'll need at least ten minutes to get through the fight.

We recommend using Batgirl in this fight, given her jack-of-all-trades roles and proficiency in pummelling enemies and moving quickly. Man-Bat can come in with blisteringly powerful heavy attacks without much warning, and Batgirl is great at dodging them in time.

Your strategy should be a key focus on heavy melee attacks while Man-Bat is sprawled out in front of you. Then, when he gears up an attack as indicated by the red circles appearing on-screen, dodge away to get to a safe distance. Spam the ranged attack, tossing Batarangs to do damage to him, even at points where you can't get too close.

In between phases of the fight, Man-Bat flies into the air, circling the Arkham Asylum courtyard. He only attacks once at this point: at the end of his patrol, where he swoops back down to hit you. As such, use this spare time to heal up if necessary, and to toss more projectiles his way.

Whatever you do, ensure Man-Bat cannot grab you with its two-winged attack. Here, he'll bite a chunk out of your character, sapping your HP and restoring his. This will only prolong the fight, so it's best to remain at a distance, chipping away constantly with Batarangs and going in to punch when you can. With that in mind, you'll get through the Man-Bat boss without too much hassle.

Batgirl fighting Man-Bat outside Arkham Asylum in Gotham Knights.
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What are the rewards for defeating the Gotham Knights Man-Bat boss?

Sadly, all your exploits in defeating the Man-Bat boss in Gotham Knights don't directly transfer to rewards. At the end of the fight your character of choice is knocked out, with Alfred retrieving you and bringing you back to Belfry Tower.

When you wake up, you'll get the usual dose of XP for completing a mission, and an achievement for finishing Case File 7. Other than that, it's business as usual: namely, a climactic boss fight with Talia al-Ghul.

That's it for our look at the Gotham Knights Man-Bat boss fight! For even more on the game, check out how to heal, as well as Red Hood build and Batgirl build.

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