Gotham Knights Red Hood build guide - best abilities, weapons, and more

Red Hood in front of a burning building in Gotham Knights

In our Gotham Knights Red Hood build guide, we've got all the tips and tricks to help you craft your version of Jason Todd. Given the game focuses on a handful of characters, you'll want to figure out exactly what makes Red Hood tick, to see whether he's a hero for you.

As is the case for most builds, you will have to use this Gotham Knights guide to figure out what Red Hood approach works best for you. We go over what we think are the best abilities and loadout for Red Hood, but whether it works for you will come down to your play style. Use this to make your own build.

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Gotham Knights Red Hood build guide

Before moving into the specifics of how Red Hood's abilities work, it's important to know how to play him. He is designed to be a brawler, with a focus on shooting and grappling. He is the closest the game gets to a DPS unit, packing tonnes of power behind his attacks, even if he moves quite slowly.

You likely won't use him for stealth all that much, but none of his skills focus on it anyway. You should pick Red Hood if you like getting in there, hitting bad guys, and walking away.

Red Hood costume on a rack in Gotham Knights
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Best Red Hood play style in Gotham Knights

Red Hood is played at his best when storming in and hitting as many enemies as you can. With skill trees focusing on brutal hits and ranged damage, you may want to decide if you like to be up close and personal, or like to fire from a distance.

Both are viable options for a build, but the ranged abilities leave you taking a few less hits each encounter.

Gotham Knights Red Hood best loadout

For Red Hood, you want to focus on defence and health. He will essentially be your tank in a multiplayer session, so you should focus on keeping him alive and hitting.

For this, you should pick the Reinforced Suit, giving extra defence. Pair this with Jumpstart Rounds, granting extra critical damage. With abilities upgrading your critical hit chance, this will give you a boost in DPS.

Red Hood skill trees in Gotham Knights
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Gotham Knights Red Hood best abilities

Though you can focus on the Marksman or Brawler skill trees, we put our points into Marksman. Focused Fire is a solid ability, causing you to do much more damage when aiming at a target for some time. From here, get Focused Fire+ to reduce the time you have to aim before doing more damage.

Finally, Lucky Rounds is also worth investing in, giving you a chance to deal 5x damage to an enemy with ranged weapons. Essentially, you should keep buffing Red Hood's ranged damage as much as you can.

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