Gotham Knights Robin build guide - best abilities, weapons, and more

Robin in front of a fire backdrop in Gotham Knights

If you need a little help starting out the game, this Gotham Knights Robin build guide should equip you with all the information you need to figure out how to play. Batman's most iconic sidekick is a key character here, so there's a good chance you'll want to use him in-game.

This build guide contains all the details you need to know about Robin, including his main abilities, best loadout, and playstyle. This is quite opinion-based, so should be the starting point as make your own build. Test out what we think works, and use that to make your perfect Robin.

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Gotham Knights Robin build guide

Before figuring out the best abilities and weapons, you should know what Robin's role in the team is. He is very stealthy and cunning, using takedowns and elemental attacks to his advantage. If you pick him, make sure you know that he is best played as a stealthy hero.

Luckily, as you level up, all of your other characters level too. This means that if you don't like how he plays at the start of the game, you can wait and try him out again later. Focus on what sets him apart, and work out how he will fit into your team composition.

Robin Transmog suit in the customisation menu of Gotham Knights
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Best Robin play style in Gotham Knights

To play Robin effectively, you want to make a big focus on stealth. Though his gear will follow the template set by other characters, most of his skills focus on deceptively taking down enemies from the shadows. He is quick and nimble, though his staff is a little slow in a fight.

He does have a skill tree focusing more on heavy and critical attacks, but this is true for all heroes, and probably not where you should focus your time or ability points.

Gotham Knights Robin best loadout

With Robin, you should be focusing on pumping up his health and power stats. Stealth moves are powerful enough as is, meaning you should focus on surviving each encounter.

For this reason, you should invest in the Flash Forward Suit and Cutting Edge Bo Staff. They both focus on damage output and survivability.

Robin wearing the Flash Forward suit on the Gotham Knights customisation meny
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Gotham Knights Robin best abilities

When planning out abilities, you should immediately put some points into the Shadow skill tree, buying Turnabout Takedown. This allows you to stealth strike larger enemies, making combat encounters much easier. From here, purchase Vantage Hanging Takedown, allowing you to hang enemies on vantage points. This means their allies won't find them, and lets you be a lot stealthier.

Once you have done this, place a few points into the Tinkering skill tree, allowing you to fight one-on-one more effectively. Sticky Pellets X3 is worth purchasing, granting you more firepower, as such landing more ranged damage.

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