Gotham Knights Nightwing build guide - best abilities, weapons, and more

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Nightwing stood behind a neon light in Gotham Knights.

If you're looking for a Gotham Knights Nightwing build guide, we're here to help. Serving as a base of knowledge to build out your own Nightwing class, this will go over how to play him, what his best abilities are, and everything else that may help you out.

This being said, this Gotham Knights guide should only be used to start out your build. We've chosen the best abilities for the way we play, and the moves that suit Nightwing best. You should test out all the information we give, and figure out which abilities and moves work best for you.

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Gotham Knights Nightwing build guide

Starting out, there are a few important things you should know about Nightwing. He is an incredibly acrobatic hero, using his jumps and long range to slink around enemies. As well as this, you should know that when you change characters, you keep all your levels and materials. Don't worry about losing any progression!

This means you should think about how to build out all of your characters, not just Nightwing. When you play as Nightwing, you should try and focus on his unique abilities.

The Nightwing character customisation menu in Gotham Knights.
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Best Nightwing play style in Gotham Knights

Nightwing benefits from jumping around from enemy to enemy, and can use momentum abilities to hop in and out of combat. This being said, he can end up a little weaker in some regards than his counterparts. You should focus on moving from enemy to enemy, using finishing moves to gain moments of invulnerability. Never stick in one area for too long, because he's comparatively weak against allies like Red Hood.

Where possible, mixing stealth and quick takedowns is where Nightwing operates best. His dual escrima sticks are fairly quick in landing blows, but don't do massive amounts of damage. You'll want to land heavy attacks where possible, dodging and weaving to avoid any serious damage.

Gotham Knights Nightwing best loadout

Though you can focus your loadout on pretty much of the main stats, upgrading your momentum generation will help Nightwing move around more in combat. For this reason, you should try to craft the Jumpstart Suit as you make your way through the game. It will get better as you level up, but will generally focus on agility.

With your melee weapons, you should craft Momentum Escrima Sticks to further leverage your momentum abilities. Momentum Darts are worth upgrading in the ranged category.

You will continue to unlock suits and weapons as you level up, so just follow them as you unlock them. You don't have to worry too much about your stats as you play the game.

Nightwing in the Financial District rooftops in Gotham Knights.
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Gotham Knights Nightwing best abilities

When choosing the abilities you want for Nightwing, you should probably decide if you are playing the game multiplayer or single-player.

If you play multiplayer, it is worth putting some points into the Pack Leader tree, buying abilities like Family Ties and Health Bolstered Defense. These make Nightwing a little stronger and give your allies a passive boost. They're still a solid choice in single-player, but not worth investing more into after this.


From here, it's worth investing in the Acrobat skill tree. Work your way down to Evade Chain to get one of the game's best movement skills. This allows you to continuously backflip out of trouble. If you find yourself low on health and need a breather, Nightwing is the perfect hero to help out. If you can make your way all the way down to Mind and Body, you can leave yourself constantly healing and jumping around, taking little to no damage.

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