Gotham Knights Batgirl build guide - best abilities, weapons, and more

Batgirl walking through a richly furnished room in Gotham Knights

Batgirl walking through a richly furnished room in Gotham Knights

Ready to take the mantle as Barbara Gordon? If so, our Gotham Knights Batgirl build will give you a few tips as how to use this character in the new DC Comics game. She's less of a brawler but more agile than some of the other playable heroes, so it's crucial you know how to employ her best.

In this Gotham Knights guide, we'll run through the best Batgirl build in the game. Of course, this is partly subjective given you may wish to configure your characters slightly differently. Either way, we've got the lowdown on the best gear, loadouts, and abilities for you to choose.

Elsewhere, check out our Robin build, Nightwing build, and Red Hood build to see how the other playable characters in the game work. We've also got a look at whether there's crossplay for you to dive into battle with friends on other consoles.

Gotham Knights Batgirl build guide

Firstly, you need to know that Batgirl doesn't play quite like the other Gotham Knights characters. She's less of a brawler than Red Hood, but is more useful in melee combat than Robin and Nightwing. On top of that, she often employs more tech in her abilities, giving you handy environmental abilities and extra damage over time moves.

Equally, you should remember that progression passes across all four characters in Gotham Knights. As such, if you don't click with Batgirl in the early stages, there's a good chance you could return to her down the line and find the new weapons and abilities much more useful.

Batgirl speaking to the Penguin in Gotham Knights
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Best Batgirl play style in Gotham Knights

Batgirl is without a doubt the best all-rounder in Gotham Knights. She's the most similar to Batman himself, with the same level of melee ability, combined with solid movement and gear. As such, she'll work perfectly if you don't want to specialise in a particular trait, such as stealth or ranged attacks.

For those looking to punch their way through Gotham Knights without worrying too much about loadouts, skills, or abilities, Batgirl is more than up to the task. In those cases, you can simply purchase each new suit and item as they unlock to consistently win battles as a jack of all trades.

Gotham Knights Batgirl best loadout

If you're looking to get more specific with your Batgirl build in Gotham Knights, we've got a good few recommendations.

Batgirl uses a rotational tonfa as her weapon, and it can become incredibly powerful as you scale it up. We recommend looking out for the Owlbuster Tonfa, which land 20 melee damage for a light hit, scaled up as you use charged moves. It's particularly handy due to its ice Elemental Effect, meaning you can freeze enemies in place with a critical hit.

Batgirl's ranged abilities are considerably less effective, so don't worry too much about finding the best gear here. We recommend going for the Overtime Effect Batarang, which has a 17% critical change. That's useful for fending off crowds of enemies, but probably won't become a go-to move.

Her suits also scale up the more you play, but we've found the Counter-Talon Suit to be handy so far. It packs 700 defense and gives her 263 health, meaning you'll rarely find yourself dying in combat.

Batgirl's loadout on the Gotham Knights character customisation screen
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Gotham Knights Batgirl best abilities

When it comes to Batgirl's ability tree, you have three options: Justice, Grit, and Oracle. The first one focuses on her melee power, the second on her strength and dodge ability, and the last on her hacking skills.

We found Justice to be the best tree to use early on. The Critical Expertise skill boosts your critical damage by 20%, which is crucial for taking down stronger enemies that bit more easily. Heavyweight is also worth investing in, boosting your heavy melee damage by 10% and stun Elemental Effect buildup by 20%.

That's it for our Gotham Knights Batgirl build! With this information at your disposal, you'll be dishing out superhero justice in no time. If you want a break from all the action, we've got something geared towards mobile gamers. Check out our Genshin Impact tier list and AFK Arena tier list for some gacha tips!

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