How to heal in Gotham Knights

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Nightwing in combat stance in Gotham Knights

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all heroes are immune to taking damage - including those in the iconic Gotham City. Here is how to heal in Gotham Knights, and improve your health stats.

Each night in Gotham Knights, you'll set out into the city to fight back against the criminals and seedy criminal underworld. This requires skill, determination, and of course physical resilience. As such, knowing how and when to heal is absolutely crucial.

Before you get your hands on the game, it's important to know how you'll approach crime-fighting. As such, here's the ideal Nightwing build, as well as a look at how to get the Batcycle. It'll help you get around Gotham a little quicker.

How to heal in Gotham Knights

As with any game involving combat, you'll inevitably take damage while you patrol the city of Gotham at night. Thankfully, healing your active character in Gotham Knights is super easy. All it takes is hitting the right button on the D-Pad.

Each night that you set out in the game will give you a certain amount of heals that you can use, normally around seven. If you use all of these, it is advised that you end the night, lest you die in combat. If you do fall, then you will lose some items in your inventory when you get resurrected. Avoid this by keeping an eye on your health, and get off the streets before it's too late.

You can up your health stats by equipping different suits. Each one comes with their own boosts, and the better the suit, the more additional health it will provide.

Red Hood, Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing stood together in Gotham Knights.
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Are there any skills that heal characters in Gotham Knights?

There are some quite hefty skill trees in Gotham Knights, which provide skills for each of the four characters. While most of them are combat skills, some go towards improving the health of your chosen character. Here are the skills to aim for to add to your health:

  • Acrobat Skill Tree
    • The Mind and Body skill found on the Acrobat skill tree will allow a portion of Nightwing's health to be restored whenever he uses Momentum Abilities.
  • Shadow Skill Tree
    • Robin's health can be restored by 25% with the Shadow Renewal skill. Whenever he performs a successful one-hit enemy takedown, it will restore a chunk of health.
  • Grit Skill Tree
    • The HP Plus skill will increase Batgirl's base health by a massive 40%. This doesn't apply to any bonus health added by any equipped gear, but it will still make a huge difference.

To unlock these skills, you'll need to unlock the previous skills in the tree - aside from Batgirl's, whose skill is the first in the tree.

On top of that, the Pack Leader tree has a skill called Health Bolstered Defense. This means that when Nightwing has 70%+ health, he will also get a 5-20% scaling defence bonus.


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