How to glide in Gotham Knights

Red Hood overlooking the skyline in Gotham Knights

If you're looking to glide in Gotham Knights, you're in luck. Being one of the game's best traversal tools, you have to jump through a couple of hoops to get it first. Unfortunately, you have to also do this with every character, to unlock their individual glider.

In this Gotham Knights guide, we go over how the glide works, and what you need to do to unlock it. Being locked behind the game's Knighthood mechanic, we'll also explain what this is, but not before the controls on how to glide. We'll also explain whether or not you can upgrade your glider to get around the city quicker. There's a lot to learn here.

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How to glide in Gotham Knights

To glide in Gotham Knights, you need to complete your character of choice's Knighthood missions. As we'll get into later, these are specific objectives you should try to complete early on, giving you proficiency in various combat and traversal mechanics.

Once you have completed the Knighthood challenges for your current character, you can simply tap R2/RT in the air and start gliding around the map.

Only Nightwing and Batgirl can really glide in Gotham Knights, but the other characters unlock equally handy traversal skills. Red Hood gets a big leap ability and Robin can access gateways from one area to another.

The list of Batgirl's Knighthood challenges in Gotham Knights
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Gotham Knights Knighthood challenges

In order to unlock the glide mechanic in Gotham Knights, you first have to complete each character's Knighthood challenges. Fortunately, all four of our heroes have the same requirements. This involves doing the following:

  • Complete Timed Strike Training
  • Stop Premeditated Crimes x10
  • Defeat Minibosses x3

First, to complete the Timed Strike Training, you have to go to the Belfry and interact with the training dummy. From here, you will be given a sequence of tutorials. Find the one named Timed Strike Training and finish it. It shouldn't take too much of your time, given you unlock this challenge fairly early.

Premeditated Crimes are the ones that appear as red triangles on your map and radar. They are unlocked through information gleaned from interrogations or stopping petty crimes. Generally, they tend to be a little more involved, with multiple objectives and waves of enemies to defeat. If you can't find any, stop small crimes and end the night. More will pop up the next day. This objective will take you the longest.

Minibosses appear in most premeditated crimes, and some of the main missions, like the Court of Owls gladiators. They tend to be bigger and tougher than other enemies but, the more you play, the more you will find. Despite their hulking appearance, you can take them down quite easily with well-timed heavy attacks and your Momentum abilities.

Once these have all been done, go back to the Belfry and interact with the pieces of Batman's suit.

Red Hood gliding across Gotham City in Gotham Knights
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Can you upgrade the Gotham Knights glide ability?

No, you can't upgrade the glide ability. This being said, there is a new skill tree in skills called Knighthood, giving you access to some of the game's best and most interesting abilities.

Though your glide won't get any better, it is still worth investing points into it. Once you unlock three of them, you even get one ability point given back to you - a nice bonus!

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