Destiny 2 King's Fall Raid Guide

Picture of Oryx in King's Fall in Destiny 2

Picture of Oryx in King's Fall in Destiny 2
September 3, 2022: Added a general Loadouts section to the end of the guide.

If you're playing Destiny 2 right now, then you're probably thinking about taking on the brand new Destiny 2 King's Fall raid. King's Fall is the raid introduced in Season 18, and it's a remaster of the iconic Destiny 1 raid but with some slight changes.

King's Fall has six total encounters each with their own set of challenges and mechanics. In this guide, we'll go through each encounter, and quickly detail how to tackle each set of mechanics. There will also be a link to more in depth guides with weapon recommendations for each encounter if you want more information. We won't go into what the differences are in the mechanics, just what to do in these new versions.

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Destiny 2 King's Fall encounter 1: the opening

To kick off the raid, you'll have to open the doors to get inside. This is sort of a half encounter, as there's no boss and it's not a darkness zone. Though there is loot at the end.

Here's the gist of what you're looking to do for this encounter.

  • Split your team into two teams of three.
  • Grab the two green orbs and open up the big middle door
  • Dunk the orbs in the statue
  • Each team of three will head to the left and right sides, picking up orbs and bringing them to the statues.
  • Once all six statues have had orbs dunked, head to down the hall, kill the adds and get through the portal.

Once you're through the portal, collect your loot and head on through to the next set of jumping puzzles. For the more in-depth guide for this and the Totems encounter, click here.

Destiny 2 King's Fall encounter 2: Totems

The next encounter in the dungeon is the totems encounter. There are three rooms in this. One is in the center where you start, and one to each side. You'll want to use the same teams as you had during the opening for this.

  • Start with two people from each team up on the side balconies in the middle room and the remaining person should pick up the Brand on the floor at the entrance of the side rooms
  • The brand carriers will head into the side rooms, stand on the Totem of Annihilation and kill enemies to get stacks of Deathsinger's Power.
  • The people in the middle room will kill adds, with heavy focus on the Wizard and Blightguard that spawn on the balconies.
  • Once the Blightguard is killed, one of the two people will pick up the Brand Claimer buff that spawns.
  • The brand claimer will head into their side room and steal and brand from the player in the room and take their place on the totem.
  • The first brand player will now go to the middle room and stand on the plate to deposit their Deathsinger's Power stacks.
  • While this is happening the third player in the trio is killing their Wizard and Blightguard.
  • Your goal is to rotate through this cycle until the encounter ends.

After this, you're going to go through the big door in the middle room to get to the next encounter.

Destiny 2 King's Fall encounter 3: Warpriest

The third encounter is Warpriest, which will be right through the big door in the middle room of the totems encounter. When you walk in, you'll see three pillars with runes on them. On the opposite side of those pillars, is a little head rock formation sticking out of it. You'll also notice three plates in the room, one in the middle, one on the right side balcony, and one on the high platform on the left.

  • Split the team into three teams of two, with two on the left, middle and right plates.
  • Stand on all three plates to start the fight.
  • Kill adds on all sides, and once you kill 2 wizards and an orange bar knight the glyph reading will start.
  • Starting with the middle, you'll take turns reading off which pillar is glowing, then someone from that team will step on that plate.
  • The last person to get on the plate will get an aura called the Brand of the Initiate. Stand in this to damage the boss.
  • Similar to the last encounter, you'll need to find a Blightguard in the room and kill it. Take the brand claimer buff and take the brand from your teammate. This will happen twice per damage phase.
  • After damage, hide behind a pillar to stay alive, and rinse and repeat.
  • You have four total damage phases before the hard enrage, so plan accordingly.

After this, you'll head into Golgoroth's maze, and head to the next room. For the in-depth guide to Warpriest, click here.

Destiny 2 King's Fall encounter 4: Golgoroth

The fourth encounter in King's Fall is Golgoroth. For this, you're going to want to designate two people to be responsible for holding Golgoroth's gaze. The other four players will be damaging him. In the middle of the room, you'll see some hook looking things hanging down, keep an eye on those.

  • Spread around the upper section of the room keeping the same teams that you had in Totems.
  • Designate one person from each team to be Gaze holders.
  • Shoot the orb in the ceiling to start the encounter.
  • Kill any and all adds that come out of the sides.
  • Once the adds are dead, shoot the orb in the ceiling again, and the four non gaze holder players drop down into the pit.
  • Standing in the goo that the orb drops will allow you to damage the boss. Be sure to shoot the crit spot in his stomach.
  • Gaze holders should take turns shooting Golgoroth's back, taunting him and turning him towards the DPS players.
  • A random DPS player will get a Debuff called Unstable Light. When the debuff is about to expire, run at the boss to deal massive damage to him.
  • Once the debuff expires, shoot the next orb in the ceiling to continue damage phase.

If the boss isn't dead after the first six orbs, you just rinse and repeat the first add phase. For the in-depth guide to Golgoroth, click here.

Destiny 2 King's Fall encounter 5: Daughters of Oryx

The penultimate encounter for King's Fall is the Daughters or Oryx. This main room is the room where this and the final boss will take place, and we'll be using some similar mechanics between fights. The main mechanic for this encounter, we're going to call a Blight run.

Also in this room are going to be four platforms, two on the left and two on the right. We called these R1, R2, L1, L2, with 1 being the platform closest to the entrance, and 2 being the further away ones. There's also two larger pillars in the middle of the room where the sisters are located. There's also a small ledge sticking off each pillar in the middle of the room.

  • Assign a player per platform, and two floaters.
  • Kill the knight on the platform to start the encounter.
  • The person who's plate had the knight should stand on it.
  • Another random player will get "torn between dimensions", hop on the plate with your teammate.
  • Call out where the taken blight is and have that person stand on their plate.
  • The Torn player will jump on some platforms in the sky to the orb. This will be done three times per phase.
  • After the third orb is collected, that player will jump onto the platform of the sister who isn't glowing green and dunk their orb to steal her immunity shield.
  • Hop down to the ledge opposite in the middle and prepare to DPS. After the damage, stay in the immunity shield until the wipe mechanic is done.

That's the gist of this fight. You'll ideally kill each sister in one phase each, but you can do it in two each by trying to alternate which sister you damage in each phase. For the in-depth guide to the Daughters of Oryx encounter, click here.

After this is done, you're at the final boss, Oryx.

Destiny 2 King's Fall encounter 6: Oryx, the Taken King

We've finally made it to Oryx, the Taken King and the final boss of the raid. In this encounter, we'll be using a modified version of the blight run mechanic from the Daughters encounter. The same four people will still be assigned to the same four platforms, with the two floaters ready to do a job and kill adds.

  • Run to the light orb at the end of the arena to start the encounter.
  • Kill the four knights that spawn on each of the platforms.
  • Oryx will rotate around the side of the arena to one of the four platforms and slam it with his fist. This will start the Blight Run phase, which will be done three times. He won't slam his fist for the second and third runs so be on the watch
  • During the Blight Runs, kill the ogres that spawn on the center sides of the room immediately. One will spawn in each sector. They'll drop a blight on the ground, do not stand in it, as it'll be used later.
  • In the corners of the room, a knight will spawn that also need to be killed immediately as they'll destroy the blights if they reach them. They'll cross right to left and vice versa so you have a little time.
  • The third runner will head to the middle and steal the immunity shield from the Vessel of Oryx, and kill it with the other floater.
  • The other four players should stand in their blights at the same time. Once they see text that they have detonated their blight, head to the middle under the immunity shield.
  • At this point, you can DPS Oryx.
  • After damage phase, he will do one of two intermission phases
    • Thunderdome: Oryx calls a dome at the end and teleports players in one at a time to fight a Shade of Oryx.
    • Blight Bombardment: Oryx throws Blight bombs around the arena. Platform players should run laps around their platforms to avoid, and the floaters can run up and down their half of the middle lane.
  • After the Intermission, you repeat the run phase.
  • Oryx's last stand is fairly simple. Two ogres will spawn in the far section of the arena like they did before. Kill them and detonate one blight at a time, and pump damage into him.

Once the King falls, you can claim your well earned loot at the end of the arena, and pray for the raid exotic, Touch of Malice. For the in-depth Oryx guide, click here.

King's Fall Loadouts

As a general rule of thumb, there's a few weapons that we'd recommend being apart of your kit. For exotics, Divinity is a stellar support weapon, allowing your team to bring the damage a bit easier. It's used in a lot of different fights so definitely worth bringing. Arbalest is also great to bring as it hits really hard, and can take out some key major enemies across many of the fights.

For Legendary weapons, to start a good add clearing weapon is really nice. Something like a Calus Mini-tool with Incandescent will proc a bunch of explosions, helping to clear adds. There's also a fair bit of Solar shields, so this can help there too. Also a good Arc weapon like Forbearance can help with this role as well.

Finally, the only gun that really felt mandatory and something that everyone should be able to have is the new Taipan linear fusion rifle. It's effectively Reed's Regret from Trials, but Void, craftable and requires no PVP experience to acquire. Level it up and craft it with Arrowhead Break, Liquid Coils or Enhanced Battery, Triple Tap and Firing Line, and you have one of the most incredible boss damage weapons in the game.

And that's King's Fall! It was a very fun raid to do, and while some of these mechanics seem a bit complicated, a little coordination can really make these fights go really smoothly. While you're here, be sure to check out our weekly Xur updates to know where he is and what he's selling! Also be sure to check out our Destiny 2 codes guide for some freebies that you can get for your account!

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