Destiny 2 Duality Dungeon - All Repressed Memory Locations

Destiny 2 Duality Dungeon enterance image

Destiny 2's newest end game content is the Duality Dungeon. As with all Destiny 2 content, there's a plethora triumphs available for players to obtain. One of those is the Destiny 2 Repressed Memories triumph.

This triumph involves collecting Repressed Memories through out the dungeon. These memories do not need to be collected all at once, but if you're going through a fresh run, you can pick these up along the way. Our guide will show you each location and have a short clip of how to get to each repressed memory.

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What is the Destiny 2 Repressed Memory Triumph For?

Collecting all of the Repressed Memories in the dungeon grants you the "Mind Heist" Triumph. This triumph is part of the 11 Triumph seal for the title Discerptor. It also grants you an increased chance to obtain the Exotic Sword, Heartshadow, from the final boss.

Obtaining Heartshadow is a triumph in the title as well. There are multiple triumphs to get Heartshadow so if you want to get the seal and title, you'll need to get this triumph.

Where are the Destiny 2 Repressed Memories?

There are 12 memories in total, and they're hidden throughout the dungeon. They are fairly hidden throughout normal and nightmare worlds, and can even be in boss rooms.

Memory 1 - First Main Room

The first memory is the normal world in the first big room. Once you've cleared up the enemies, scale the rafters until you get to the top. From the very top platforms drop down to the top row of doors. The second door will be open and the memory will be just inside.

Memory 2 - First Main Nightmare Room

The second memory is in the same location as the first memory, except that it's in the Nightmare world. Once you phase into the nightmare world, kill the orange bar enemies, and drop down to the open door on the right to find the memory at the end of the hall. You'll have to drop down and rescale the rafters in the normal world to advance from here.

Memory 3 - Big Drop

The next memory is going to be in the next nightmare room. From the second memory, proceed as normal. When you enter the nightmare room, kill the 2 orange bars. Walk along the beams to the opposite side of the room, and look down towards where your entered the area. You'll have to drop down to get this memory. You can jump around the pole and continue as normal.

Memory 4 - Room Above First Boss

The fourth memory is in the room right before the first boss. Once you get here, clear out the enemies, but don't drop down the hole. The memory is on top of the half circle structure at the back of the room. You'll have to use the center structure to get up there.

Memory 5 - War Beast Room

The fifth memory is in War Beast room in the first boss encounter. You can pick this up during or after the encounter.

Memory 6 - Flip the Switches

Memory six is in big room where you have to flip two switches to get across. You'll flip both switches to start, then make your way across to the other side. Instead of going up the platforms on the right, some platforms will come out of the wall to the left. Hop up those platforms and jump around the pillar. You'll drop down onto a platform and see the memory. You should be able to jump back across to progress.

Memory 7 - Under the Gap

The next memory is at the large gap you have to jump across. Rather than jumping across, walk backwards off the ledge and fall onto the platform below. You'll have to do a little platforming to get out, but you'll see how to in the clip.

Memory 8 - Circle Room Nightmare

Memory eight is in the big circular room but in the nightmare world. It's located in the same place where the secret chest is in the normal world. Jump from the middle onto the platform, and it's tucked behind a pillar.

Memory 9 - Second Encounter Room

The ninth memory is in the second encounter. After you defeat the encounter, walk up the stairs, and you'll see some platforms sticking out of the wall to your left. Traverse them to the top and collect the memory.

Memory 10 - Under the Box

Memory number 10 is in the next big room under the huge box in the center of the room. Drop down and slide under the box to get the memory. Then do a 180 while under the box to find the second secret chest in the dungeon.

Memory 11 - Nightmare Gap Room

The penultimate memory is in the nightmare room with no enemies and you have to jump across a big gap. Instead of jumping completely across, head to the right and jump down to the doorway / stairset to find the memory. You'll have to drop down to the platform under the stairs to continue.

Memory 12 - Above the Door

The final memory is located above the door to Caiatl's encounter. A simple jump from the ramp should be enough to get you to the top to secure the memory and collect your triumph.

Be sure to collect that triumph before beating the final encounter to boost your chances to get Heartshadow. Be sure to stay tuned as we will be bringing you a guide on how to complete Duality by yourself! Be sure to also check back on Friday for where Xur is and what he is selling.

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