Destiny 2 Duality Solo Guide

Duality dungeon banner in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 reguarly puts out a bunch of great end game content. The most recent addition to the game is the Duality Dungeon in Season 17. With this comes a Seal and a bunch of Triumphs. One of the triumphs for the seal is to complete the dungeon solo. If you're looking to do this, then our Destiny 2 Duality Solo dungeon guide will be of great help.

Now the dungeon can be soloed with all classes, but there's definitely a set up to make it easier. Also, while the strats in this guide will give you the know how, it definitely takes a lot of practice to get into the flow. This is going to be a long one so strap in.

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Solo Thoughtstealer Triumph for the Discerptor seal in Destiny 2
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Destiny 2 Duality Solo Preparation

Now this guide is going to assume that you already know how the encounters work, that you've completed the dungeon with a fireteam already. These strategies are also going to be ones that are safer ones. There are speed strats that differ from what we have here, but those strats require some specific gear, and incredible execution.

Before we begin with the encounters, let's go over what's going to be required to take this on. For the class, we're going to be using a Solar Titan. Solar 3.0 gave Titans a build that is insane for solo content. First, here's the set up.

Aspects, Fragments and Abilities

  • Super: Burning Maul
  • Barricade: Rally Barricade
  • Jump: Strafe Jump
  • Melee: Throwing Hammer
  • Grenade: Fusion Grenade
  • Aspects: Sol Invictus and Roaring Flames
  • Fragments: Ember of Ashes, Ember of Torches, Ember of Solace, Ember of Searing

We are going to be using "Bonk Titan" for this pretty much the entire time. We're going to be leveraging Sol Invictus to create sunspots with our throwing hammer. These sunspots are going to apply Restoration to us, which is a new powerful form of healing. This interaction helps to trivialize a lot of the incoming damage.

Required Armor and Weapons

There are a handful of armor and weapons that are pretty much required for this.

  • Synthoceps - These extoic gauntlets are a huge part of our damage. We're generally going to be surrounded by enemies so we're going to benefit from Biotic Enhancements.
  • Tractor Cannon - This weapon does wonders for helping us deal increased damage to bosses. This suppresses targets that we hit, allowing us to deal increased damage
  • A Glaive - A glaive is really only required for the first encounter, and while you can do it without one, you leave yourself open to more opportunities for things to go wrong. We'll go into more detail about why in a bit.
  • Witherhoard - Witherhoard is a powerhouse add clearing gun. While a lot of our damage is going to be with our grendades and hammers, you'll often find times where this will be very handy.
  • A High DPS Linear Fusion Rifle - You'll want a high dps Linear Fusion. A Stormchaser with Rapid Hit and Vorpal Weapon is the best you could ask for, but a Bait and Switch Focused Fury Cataclysmic is also a great option. This will really only be for the last boss.

Recommended Armor and Weapons

In addition to the require gear pieces, there's some that we highly recommend bringing along. This will be in order of importance.

  • Calus Mini-Tool with Incandescent - Ideally you'll want Graverobber and Incandescent, but our build is centered around scortch and igniting targets, so having this around to add scorch stacks is pretty huge.
  • Eriana's Vow or a Wave Frame Grendade Launcher - These are great ways to deal with the Shielded Cabal in the second encounter. You can get away with using Tractor Cannon to kill them, but these are preferred.
  • Loreley Splendor Helm - This helm is one that is a more defensive option for the final boss. It creates sunspots when you use your barricade or are critically wounded. There really is only one place where this is useful, and that's the last boss during the damage phase, but the whole dungeon can be done without this.
  • Lion Rampant - You're going to be doing a lot of terrain transversal throughout the dungeon, so having improved jumping capabilities is always a nice thing to have. This also enables some platforming skips.
  • An Eager Edge Sword - This is a pure luxury item if you're interested in skipping some platforming. Truthfully, having this and performing the skips can shave off minutes off a run.

Recommended Mods

Armor mods are another big part of making this build function smoothly, so here's the mods we recommend.

  • Classy Restoration - While our hammers and sunspots make us near unkillable, there are times where we need an emergency button, and that's where Classy Restoration comes in. The Restoration from this mod helps a bunch to smooth out incoming damage. You can also do a trick where if you slide off a ledge and activate your barricade at the same time, you'll proc the restoration effect, but cancel the activation of the barricade.
  • One-Two Finisher - One-Two Finisher is a very interesting mod. If refunds melee energy if you finish an enemy. Well, there are definitely times where you'll lose your throwing hammer. It'll fly off a clip, or bounce off a wall and be unrecoverable. This is a quick way to get it back.
  • Melee Wellmaker - Melee Wellmaker is pretty much required for this build. Solar wells will be great to help restore ability energy. In lieu of this, you can use Explosive Wellmaker, since you're going to be blowing things up pretty regularly.
  • Glaive of Dreams - This is a mod that's only used in the first encounter, and why we're bringing a glaive. With this mod and a glaive equipped, the "Unstable Essence" buff that's dropped by Nightmares will have double duration. This will help us deal maximum damage to the boss.
  • Well of Life - This is gives us more restoration when we pick up a solar well. This will be a requirement when we lose Classy Restoration next season.

Destiny 2 Duality Solo First Encounter

The first encounter is Gahlran. This encounter involves going into the nightmare realm, picking up Standards, dunking them in the normal realm. Then you go back into the nightmare realm and kill some nightmares. After the second standard, you'll enter a damage phase.

For this boss you'll want to have any primary of your choosing (I picked a Submission SMG), your Glaive with the Glaive of Dreams mod in your arms, and the Tractor Cannon.

For this encounter, here's what you'll want to do. When you go into nightmare realm first, find the standard bearers. Kill the first one, and pick up that standard. Then find and kill the second standard bearer, but do not pick up that standard. Kill the bellkeepers, and go back to the normal realm. Dunk your standard, kill the bellkeepers, and head back to the nightmare realm. Be sure to get three stacks of Roaring Flames before going in.

Kill the six nightmares with your hammers, and exit the side room killing the bellkeepers as you exit. Now run back to the where the second standard bearer that you killed was, and pick up that standard. You'll notice that another standard bearer has spawned. Do not kill this one.

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After you dunk this standard, and go into the nightmare realm with your three stacks of Roaring Flames, you'll kill the second set of six nightmares as normal, but you should hopefully be on the same side as the standard bearer that you left alive. Try to kill this standard bearer towards the end of the nightmares to extend your timer in the nightmare realm. You'll ideally end up with about 50 seconds to a minute.

Now for the boss. After you exit the side room, grenade one of the bellkeepers and hammer the other. Then hammer two of the normal cabal ads to get three stacks of Roaring Flames. Hit the boss with your Tractor Cannon, and pop your super. Spam your spinning (left click on Mouse) and ideally get the boss in a corner. Your super should run out with about 30 seconds left.

From here you're hitting tractor cannon, and hammers. Be sure to restack roaring flames from some of the adds as well. Start heading towards the bell with about 10 seconds left on your timer. After this, you rinse and repeat. Don't pick up the standard from the bearer you killed to extend your timer, that one is dead. Find two new standard bearers and repeat the process.

Check out the video above to see my full clear. Here is a DIM link for the exact load out I used in the clear.

Destiny 2 Duality Solo Second Encounter

For the second encounter, we're snagging standards again from the nightmare world again. This time, we have three mini bosses to deal with. The only weapon requirements that we're going to be really needing is the wave frame grenade launcher like Forbearance, or Dead Messanger, or Eriana's Vow. This is to deal with the shielded cabal.

The strat here is first to kill all four bellkeepers, before going into the realm. Then note which standards you need, and you're going to want to shoot the bell on the opposite side of the room to the symbol you're going to. This will spawn the bellkeepers on the same side as your symbol. You're doing one standard at a time, as the timing is a bit tight here. After two standards, kill the mini boss, and go again.

If you're looking for a video, check out my clear above, and here is the DIM Link for the loadout I used.

Destiny 2 Duality Solo Third Encounter

The Nightmare of Caiatl is the third and final encounter in the dungeon. This one is going to take a bit of practice and can be the most frustrating encounter in this place. Guns for this, you'll need Witherhoard, and your linear fusion at minimum. When you start the encounter, you're going to kill all six bellkeepers to unlock all of the bells. While it's not necessary, it saves a lot of headaches, as they'll push you around like crazy.

Next, figure out which two standards you're going to need, and figure out which platforms the standard bearers will be on. Hit the bell and grab the first standard. Then move to kill both pairs of bellkeepers on your way to the second standard bearer.

This next part is crucial to success. You're probably going to have some time before you have to go back to the normal world. If you have at least 15 seconds on your clock, shoot and blow up any cabal backpacks on the ground that you see. They will explode so be careful. If you don't, it's possible that Caiatl can stomp the ground during the damage phase, which can send it flying towards you and explode, killing you instantly.

After you go back, you're going to want to try to immediately dunk the first standard. Before you hit the second standard, try to get some restoration stacks, whether thats a sunspot or your barricade. Dunk that standard, find your next two standards and go back in.

After you dunk the second two standards, the chains of the bell will be able to be shot. Before you shoot to go in, make sure to get three stacks of Roaring Flames, and then immediately shoot the chains. Then make your way to the middle of the room in front of the middle bell.

As soon as you load into the nightmare realm, grenade and hammer the middle two bellkeepers immediately. You should be able to see where Caiatl is heading towards. If she heads towards one of the sides, you're going to need to hammer down the two bellkeepers quickly. Once Caiatl gets close to a bell, shoot the bell. Make sure that you hit her with your Hammer to get Radiant and Witherhoard, then go to town.

If she goes to the middle bell, you have a 50/50 on which side she's going to go to next. After you've emptied your clip of your Linear and have reloaded throw a Witherhoard shot towards one side of the bellkeepers and try to damage or kill one of them. Whichever side she goes towards, you're going to do the same as the first bell. Assuming all goes well, you should clean up this fight in encounter in two or three damage phases.

Definitely check out the video for my clear because it is a lot to keep track of, and also check out the DIM Link to see what my loadout was exactly.

And there we have it! There's a lot to go through here, but once you go through it a few times, it becomes much easier. This dungeon is super fun, and there's even some really fun skips to learn to make things go even faster. While you're here, definitely check out our guide to finding all the Repressed Memories in Duality to increase your odds of getting Heartshadow!

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