Destiny 2 King's Fall - Daughters of Oryx Raid Guide

banner for the daughters of oryx encounter

banner for the daughters of oryx encounter
September 3, 2022: Added a video for the encounter and updated the loadouts

If you're playing Destiny 2 right now, then you're probably thinking about taking on the brand new Destiny 2 King's Fall raid. King's Fall is the raid introduced in Season 18, and it's a remaster of the iconic Destiny 1 raid but with some slight changes.

King's Fall has six total encounters each with their own set of challenges and mechanics. In this guide, we'll go through the Daughters or Oryx encounter in depth, including what weapons you'll want to bring.

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Destiny 2 King's Fall: Daughters of Oryx

The penultimate encounter for King's Fall is the Daughters or Oryx. This main room is the room where this and the final boss will take place, and we'll be using some similar mechanics between fights. The main mechanic for this encounter, we're going to call a Blight run.

Also in this room are going to be four platforms, two on the left and two on the right. We called these R1, R2, L1, L2, with 1 being the platform closest to the entrance, and 2 being the further away ones. There's also two larger pillars in the middle of the room where the sisters are located. There's also a small ledge sticking off each pillar in the middle of the room.

Assign one player to each platform, and two people to float jobs. To start the fight, you'll kill the knight that's on a platform. Once you do this, that platform will glow green. Here is where the blight run starts. The person assigned to that platform jumps up onto that platform and call out which one it is. Then a random person will be "torn between dimensions" where their screen will go all black and white. We'll call them the runner.

That person will go and stand with the person on the platform that was green. Then look up and locate a taken orb in the sky that will be above one of the other three platforms. Call out where the orb is, and the person assigned to that pillar will jump up and stand on their platform.

  • Note: If a player assigned to a pillar becomes the runner, then one of the two floaters should go to cover their section, and be ready to hop on the platform if called for.

This will spawn some platforms for the torn player to jump on to through the middle of the room to reach the orb. Pillar players should stay on their platforms until the runner grabs the orb, otherwise the platforms will despawn. Once the runner grabs the orbs, the players on the pillars will hop off their platforms. You'll do three Blight runs per phase.

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On the third blight run, the runner will snag their orb, gaining the Brand Claimer buff. They need to locate the sister that is NOT glowing green. They will hop up onto that sister's pillar, and dunk their orb, stealing the immunity shield from her. This will start the damage phase.

At this point, players should group up on the middle ledge of the sister that was glowing green and start damaging the visible sister. Ideally, you kill that sister in one damage phase, but you can do it in two. If you do it in two, you're going to alternate sisters each phase. At the end of the damage phase, be sure to stay within the immunity shield, as the sisters will cast a raid wipe ability that can be soaked.

Daughters of Oryx loadouts

For your loadouts, there's actually a very specific set of weapons that will help immensely with this fight. For boss damage, one person should run divinity, one person should bring Gjallarhorn, and the rest should bring Hotheads or any other regular rocket launcher. As you saw in the video, the bosses got SHREDED!

A Forbearance grenade launcher with Chain Reaction will be really useful as there are many arc shield phalanx. Lastly, you'll want something that can pick off snipers that spawn up on a ledge behind each of the four pillars, so a scout rifle would do nicely.

You're almost to the end! The daughter's encounter is quite a fun one and sets the stage for what's to come in the final encounter, Oryx, the Taken King. Check out our in-depth guide for him if you're moving on. While you're here, be sure to check out our weekly Xur updates to know where he is and what he's selling! Also be sure to check out our Destiny 2 codes guide for some freebies that you can get for your account!

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