Destiny 2 King's Fall - Oryx, the Taken King Raid Guide

picture of oryx the taken king in king's fall in destiny 2

picture of oryx the taken king in king's fall in destiny 2
September 3, 2022: Added a video of the encounter

If you're playing Destiny 2 right now, then you're probably thinking about taking on the brand new Destiny 2 King's Fall raid. King's Fall is the raid introduced in Season 18, and it's a remaster of the iconic Destiny 1 raid but with some slight changes.

King's Fall has six total encounters each with their own set of challenges and mechanics. In this guide, we'll go through the Oryx, the Taken King encounter in depth, including what weapons you'll want to bring.

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Destiny 2 King's Fall: Oryx, the Taken King

We've finally made it to Oryx, the Taken King and the final boss of the raid. In this encounter, we'll be using a modified version of the blight run mechanic from the Daughters encounter. The same four people will still be assigned to the same four platforms, with the two floaters ready to do a job and kill adds.

To kick the encounter off, someone will have to go touch the ball of light at the end of the room. Oryx will spawn and on each of the pillars, a Knight will spawn. When all four knights are killed, Oryx will rotate around to one of the four pillars. He will then slam his fist onto one of them and this will start a Blight run. You'll have to do three blight runs again, but you'll have to keep an eye out for the next platforms in the sequence.

While these blight runs are going on, Light-Eater Ogres will spawn along the edge of the room. There will be one in each section, and they'll spawn next to the middle divider and the side wall. These need to die immediately, as they will drop a blight on the floor. Don't stand in the blight though as this will be used for later in the fight.

Additionally, in the four corners of the room, a Light-Eater Knight will spawn. These need to be killed off immediate as well, as they will run towards the opposite side blight and eat that blight. Ideally there should be four blights on the floor by the end of the blight run section.

As for the runner, the third runner will snag their orb and have the Brand Claimer buff again. In the center of the room is a knight called the Vessel of Oryx. The brand claimer needs to steal the brand from the vessel and the two floaters and anyone near by should kill this off quickly.

While the Vessel is being killed or immediately afterwards, the four players who were assigned to the platforms should now go to the blights on the floor. Do a countdown and all four players should stand in their blights. There will be text that shows that they've detonated a blight, and at that point, those players should head back to the middle.

  • Note: If one of the platform players is holding the brand, have one of the floaters soak the blight.

Soaking a blight will stun Oryx and extend the duration that you have to damage him, with all four blights giving you the maximum time per phase. Once players are back in the middle and the blights detonate, you can start to damage Oryx.

Once he goes immune, there is a small intermission phase where Oryx will do one of two things. You'll know which one is coming depending on if you see knights spawn on the platforms like they were in the beginning of the encounter.

If the knights don't spawn, then the intermission that will happen is one we called the Thunderdome. Oryx will spawn a massive dome at the end of the encounter space. He'll then teleport players in one at a time to fight a Shade of Oryx. While you're outside, there will be thrall that spawn that will run into the dome, so killing them off is definitely helpful. Players inside the dome should try to damage and kill the Shade as soon as possible.

If the knights do spawn, then Oryx will bombard the arena with blight bombs wherever you are standing. The easiest way to deal with this is to have the four platform players run laps around the platform, while the two floaters run up and down the middle stretch on their side of the arena. Once the intermission has finished, you'll rinse and repeat the run phase.

Once you get Oryx to his final stand phase, everyone should move up to the far side of the area by Oryx. Two more ogres will spawn where they did for the far set or pillars. Kill these off, and detonate the blights at the same time. Oryx can be damaged while these blights are being soaked, so everyone else should lay into him. Once the blights are detonated, head back to the middle under the brand bubble and give him everything you got.

Oryx, the Taken King loadouts

For weapons, you're going to want to bring Linear Fusions for boss damage. You'll also want to bring a Sniper, or Arbalest to kill the Ogres and Light-Eater Knights quickly. Izanagi's Burden or Succession work wonders. These also do double duty to save on heavy ammo for boss damage. Lastly, you will want some kind of general add clearing weapon. Trinity Ghoul did amazing here, since most of the adds are thrall.

Congratulations on clearing King's Fall! Oryx's fight is one of the most satisfying kills of a final boss in the game since there's so much going on and everyone plays a part. While you're here, be sure to check out our weekly Xur updates to know where he is and what he's selling! Also be sure to check out our Destiny 2 codes guide for some freebies that you can get for your account!

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