Destiny 2 King's Fall - Opening and Totems Raid Guide

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September 3, 2022: Added a video for the Totems encounter and updated some strategies for it

If you're playing Destiny 2 right now, then you're probably thinking about taking on the brand new Destiny 2 King's Fall raid. King's Fall is the raid introduced in Season 18, and it's a remaster of the iconic Destiny 1 raid but with some slight changes.


King's Fall has six total encounters each with their own set of challenges and mechanics. In this guide, we'll go through the first two encounters in depth, including what weapons you'll want to bring for each encounter.

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Destiny 2 King's Fall: the Opening

The first encounter is the Opening. This is a mini encounter to get you into the raid itself, and rewards loot at the end.


You'll be greeted two pedestals with a green orb on each. To start, you'll have to divide the raid into two teams. You'll also note that there will be Taken blights on the big door in the middle, and the doors on the left and right sides of the room. This will be part of this encounter so make sure you have a weapon for this. We recommend a fusion rifle. The blights will respawn so you'll have to open them up quickly.

Then one person from each team will pick up a green orb to start the encounter. Shoot the taken blight on the big door to open it up. You'll see six statues, one of which is glowing green. The two orb carriers should dunk their orbs in the statue that's green, roughly at the same time.

Once this is done, each three man team will head to the side doors and shoot down the taken blights. The orb carriers from each team will now need to locate another orb, while the other two kill adds and escort their orb carrier to the main room.

Open the main door, and dunk the orb into the next statue. You'll do this six times in total, after which, you'll run down the hall. There will be adds in this room, which you can ignore. You'll just need to make your way through the big portal in the middle of the room. One you're through, you'll be faced with some jumping puzzles to get to the next encounter.


Destiny 2 King's Fall: Totems

The next encounter in the dungeon is the totems encounter. There are three rooms in this, one in the center where you start, and one to each side. You'll want to use the same teams as you had during the opening for this.


In each of the side rooms, there's a Totem of Annihilation in the center of the room. When the encounter starts, someone will need to be standing on each totem pretty much at all times, otherwise it's a wipe. Additionally, in the side rooms, you'll take ticking damage by being in the room, unless you have either Brand of the Weaver, or Brand of the Unraveler. There's also a plate in the middle room that will be used, as well as balconies in the middle room that are important.

To start the encounter, have one player from each team pick up the Brand on the floor as you're heading into each of the side rooms (this brand will respawn if someone dies). Those players will be first to stand on the totem. While in the room and standing on the totem, those players should be killing enemies to get stacks of Deathsinger's Power. You'll also note that there's a timer on the left side, and if that hits zero, you die.

The remaining four people in the middle should position themselves on the balcony. Once the encounter starts, a Wizard will spawn on the balcony. When that's killed, a taken Blightguard knight will spawn on the balcony. Kill the Blightguard and it will spawn the "Brand Claimer" buff. One person should pick that buff up, and head into their designated side room. Once there, you'll take the Brand from the player standing on the totem. Now you will stand on the totem and kill enemies.

The first player with the brand will head into the middle room and stand on the plate to deposit their Deathsinger's Power stacks. Once the brand has been transferred between players, the third person on the team will kill their Wizard and Blightguard, snag the Brand Claimer buff and head in to swap with the current Brand carrier. Once the first player has deposited all their stacks, they will then go up to the balcony to kill a Wizard and Blightguard, and the process repeats.

  • Note: While you're depositing your stacks, be sure to let the thrall head into the side rooms to give the totem players more things to kill.

There is an alternative way to do this that's a bit easier to explain, but a touch harder to execute. Rather than rotating three people, you can have one person per team stay in the middle room to kill adds and prep the Brand Claimer buff, while the other two rotate. The person in the Totem room will try to get around 12 stacks and meet their rotating partner about half way. This should allow enough time to deposit stacks, and get the new buff. This is a good strategy for bringing along new people.

Once the Taken runes on the sides of the big door in the center room fill up, the encounter is over. Of note here, there will be an unstoppable Ogre in this encounter in the center room, so you should come equipped with a way to stun and kill it quickly. Above all else though, staying alive is very important. Bubble Titans, Well of Radiance, all very useful here. Don't be afraid to pop a super to stay alive, because recovering from someone dying can be a bit hectic.

Totems encounter loadouts

Otherwise, for weapons, add clear is the name of the game. The more adds you can kill while standing on the totem, the faster the encounter will go. You also will need to kill some orange bar knights that spawn in the rafters of the side rooms so something with a bit of range is preferred.


You'll also definitely want a way to kill major class enemies quickly, for the Wizard and Blightguard. We'd recommend Thunderlord, as its an add killing machine, and can deal with the knights in the rafters. For the Wizard and Blightguard, a shotgun will do great, though I used a Deliverance with Chill Clip. This helped to keep the Blightguard locked down in stasis, making it much easier to kill.

And that's the first two encounters! The opening is a nice coordination warm up, and Totems puts that warm up to the test. If you're progressing through to the next encounter, be sure to check out our in-depth guide to Warpriest. While you're here, be sure to check out our weekly Xur updates to know where he is and what he's selling! Also be sure to check out our Destiny 2 codes guide for some freebies that you can get for your account!