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GTA Online: When does Halloween Surprise Start This Year?

It's a big year for GTA 5 and by extension GTA Online. Whilst another year has passed and there's still plenty of GTA 6 Leaks to keep fans excited, an official GTA 6 Release Date still feels fairly far off.

Thankfully, the GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced edition should give fans (old & new) plenty of reasons to play the existing game that little bit longer. Plus if Rockstar keeps pumping out great content like the GTA Online Summer Update, who are we to complain?

The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game are set to launch on November 11, 2021 and that means the last in-game event before we next-gen switch gets turned on, will be the customary Halloween Event Week - fondly referred to as Halloween Surprise.

Ironically Halloween Surprise originally launched as a content DLC for the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto Online. So will Rockstar have something special planned? When will it launch? Read On, we'll tell you everything you need to know.

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When Does GTA Online Halloween Event Start In 2021?

The GTA Online Halloween event first began in 2015 and in the six years which have followed since, the start date and end date have more or less remained the same. Namely, it all kicks off on the last week of October.

Here are the dates for when the GTA Online Halloween Event started and ended in previous years:

  • 2015: 29 October - 16 November
  • 2016: 28 October - 15 November
  • 2017: 27 October - 6 November
  • 2018: 30 October - 5 November
  • 2019: 31 October - 6 November
  • 2020: 29 October - 4 November

Based on what they've previously done, we suspect that the next Halloween event for 2021 will start on Thursday, 28 November and end on Thursday, 4 November.

GTA Online Halloween Event Cars

Albany Lurcher in GTA Online
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The Albany Lurcher

As is customary Rockstar likes to roll out its collection of spooky vehicles for the event. Normally we might see some of these available at discount prices or potentially available for anyone who swings by the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort to give the Lucky Wheel a spin.

So expect to pick up some of the below vehicles on the cheap in 2021:

  • Albany Fränken Stange
  • Albany Lurcher
  • Chariot Romero Hearse
  • LCC Sanctus
  • MTL Nightmare Cerberus
  • Declasse Nightmare Brutus
  • HVY Nightmare Scarab
  • Vapid Nightmare Imperator
  • Annis Nightmare ZR380

More GTA$ & RP

Again, Rockstar are nothing if not consistant and we suspect that this years Halloween even will once more give players double or potentially triple GTA$ & RP in some of the games Adversary Modes.

In the past this is normally focussed on the games more elaborate horror or alien-themed modes, such as:

  • Lost vs Damned
  • Slasher
  • Beast vs Slasher
  • Come Out to Play
  • Alien Survival
GTA Online Alien Survivals Mode Key Art
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Halloween Masks, Clothes, Weapons And More


Traditionally the event, Rockstar will roll out GTA Online's cosmetic items and weapons; and with six years of content, there's plenty to go around.

You can likely expect the games 39 masks and 30 face paints will once again be added for a limited time.

Likewise, the Halloween-themed sculptures and wall art will probably be made available at the Casino Store again.

No doubt some of the more gruesome clothes will return too, such as the Butchery And Other Hobbies Tee, and the Knife After Dark Tee.

GTA Online Halloween Clothes
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Also because the Halloween event likes to lean into Aliens as much as horror, we're willing to be there will once again be discounts on the likes of the Unholy Hellbringer, Up-n-Atomizer and Widowmaker weapons.

Just remember though, for now, this is all unconfirmed and we should learn more when the event week actually begins.


Peyote Plants To Return

Another Halloween staple is the reintroduction of the games popular Peyote Plants.

For those who don't know, there are 76 Peyote Plants locations dotted across Los Santos and consuming them allows you to change into animals for a limited time. This also includes the Sasquatch and Chop the dog.

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