GTA Online UFO Event Locations: Where To Find ALL 'Sightseeing' Events This Halloween

GTA Online's UFO Sightseeing event is no longer active. Halloween-themed freemode events are still active until the next Event week begins on Thursday 4 November 2021.

GTA Online has a long and storied history of including weird and wonderful references to extraterrestrials in the game.

From standalone missions to the suspicious markings related to the Mount Chiliad mystery. Rockstar even encouraged that bonkers trend of dressing in alien suits and attacking fellow players. Meanwhile, players can even get blind drunk and wake up on top of Mount Chiliad witnessing a UFO flying away if they really want to. Although the goal is more about scoring that sweet UFO tattoo.

The point is, Rockstar loves to include aliens whenever they get the chance, and that is exactly what they've done again with a brand new UFO event that's just gone live in GTA Online today.

What is the UFO event in GTA Online?

There's a new event that has just been added to GTA Online on October 15. According to Rockstar Insider TezFunz2, this was triggered when Rockstar issued a new background update.

Not only did this fix a long standing bug that teleported everyone to an apartment or garage entrance, it also added preparations for one of the game's Halloween events, called "Sightseeing".

In short, the "sightseeing" event is a new daily event within the game in which players can spot a UFO hovering across various locations in Los Santos.

According to TezFunz2, the event is live from today (October 15) until next Thursday (October 21). What happens after this isn't clear, but maybe Rockstar are planning something different for their annual GTA Online Halloween Event.

How To Find And See The UFO In GTA Online

If you want to see the UFO for yourself you need to travel to certain locations around Blaine County at night. However, the UFO only appears visible between the in-game hours of 10PM to 3AM. The location of the UFO changes every day.

From what players have discovered, the event can be triggered in any kind of session and can be triggered multiple times a day.

If you approach the UFO nothing will happen, but when you get too close, thunder will clap accompanied by a lightning bolt. In the blink of an eye, the UFO will also disappear. From what's been mentioned by players, if you're in a vehicle the engine will also turn off briefly for added spookiness.

Where is the UFO in GTA Online Today?

As mentioned the UFO will change location every day. On October 27, there is no UFO Location.

If you're wondering where the UFO was previously, we made a list of all dates and locations on the table just below.

UFO Location in GTA Online
15 October 2021
Paleto Bay
16 October 2021
Above the Sunken UFO In the sea
17 October 2021
The peak of Mount Chiliad
18 October 2021
The Lighthouse
19 October 2021
The Altruist Camp Radio Tower
20 October 2021
Beam Me Up Hill Alien Camp
21 October 2021
Satellite Relay Station Near Sandy Shores
22 October 2021
Gunrunning UFO Crash Site
23 October 2021
The Shack near the Great Chaparral area
24 October 2021
Patriot House next to Redwood Lights Track
25 October 2021
A farm by Baytree Canyon Road in Great Chaparral
26 October 2021
Palmer-Taylor Powerstation
27 October 2021
Unknown: Stage 3 could start today

If you're unsure where to find any of the locations mentioned above, we suggest also having a watch of the video by GTA Series Videos further up the page.

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