08 Apr 2021 8:46 AM +00:00

GTA Online Peyote Plant Locations: Weekly Update & Halloween Event Brings Back ALL 76 Peyote Cactus - But How To Find Them?

Once again the GTA Online Halloween event has returned to bring spooky festivities to Los Santos.

Whilst this means the usual barrage of bonus content and discounts across the game, it also means the return of the GTA Online Peyote Plants.

These fantastic collectables have been part of the main game for years, but it's only since 2018 that they've been available in the online mode.


For those who haven't partaken in the delights of the campaign cactus it essentially allows players to trip out and turn into an animal to cause chaos.

Rockstar being party poopers, turn off the Peyote Plants and only bring them back for special occasions. Like today and the Halloween event.

Read on, we'll tell you what rewards are on offer, how to find the peyote plants and show you a map to help you find them across the city. In fact, why don't we start right there?

GTA Online Peyote Plant Locations


The below map created by FoxyLeaks shows the locations for all 76 GTA Online Peyote Plants.

Want a bigger map? You can view it on this link.

If the map doesn't help, maybe also have a watch of the video below from GTA Series Videos might?

GTA Online Peyote Plants Rewards?


Unlike other collectables in the game, like playing cards or collectable action figures, there's no added bonus for finding all 76 Peyote Plants.

Your reward is simply being able to transform into animals and cause destruction.

You will earn an extra 5000 RP, which is grated to you once you spawn at the nearest hospital the next time you die.

But that's about it. Just enjoy the Hallucination.

Main Image Credit - GTA Series Videos