GTA Online: How To Find the ​Phantom Car Halloween Event

Grand Theft Auto's got a lot ahead of it still. Alongside GTA 5's Expanded and Enhanced Edition, GTA Remastered Trilogy and continuing GTA VI leaks, we don't have confirmed release dates for those yet, but GTA Online's still going strong with its latest Halloween event.

As part of their plans, Rockstar now bring us The Phantom Car, offering tribute to Stephen King's novel, Christine. Available as a limited time event for the next few weeks, here's what you need to do to if you're looking to get involved with this terrifying.

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GTA Online: How To Find the ​Phantom Car Halloween Event

As outlined here by GTA Series Videos, there's a few steps to undertake. You'll need to enter Free Roam between 9pm-5am with one other person, and avoid using helicopters, boats, planes, weaponised vehicles, Deluxo and Oppressor/Oppressor MK2.

Once you've done this, walk or drive around for a while, it'll take roughly 20 minutes before anything happens. If you're driving, a Declasse Tornado starts following you, but if you chose to walk, that car's on fire and keeps driving near you.

There's nothing else to do at this stage, so if you're up to it, feel free to try taking it down!

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