GTA Online Players Discuss Their Favourite In-Game Radio Stations

An image of someone listening to the radio in GTA Online.

An image of someone listening to the radio in GTA Online.

While they may have tired of grinding heists without a funny costume to liven things up, visiting the non-Minecraft version of The Diamond Casino and having griefers harass their cargo deliveries, it seems GTA Online players will never grow tired of what’s on the radio.

No matter if they’re a fan of classic rock, 90s rap or modern pop music, the endlessly looping cycle of songs from 2013 still appeals to Los Santos’ criminal masterminds, even if it’s just because of the nostalgic vibes.

Some players still feel so strongly about the prospect of listening to Britney Spears’ Gimme More as they count their ill-gotten gains ahead of the upcoming Criminal Enterprises update that they’ve decided to wax lyrical on Reddit.

Turn Up the Heist Tunes and Freeroam Bangers!

The thread concerning this event in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from user Heger789, who asked the immortal question: “What is everyone's favourite radio station in GTA online?”

Naturally, this provoked an array of diverse responses from GTA’s musical maestros, whose refined tastes take on many forms, with user Leading_Elk9454 simply saying “Kenny Loggins”, implying that their love of Los Santos Rock Radio is solely based on its laid-back host and causing other users to fire a barrage of Loggins quotes at them in response.

However, it turned out they weren’t the only player with a burning passion for that particular station, with user KingDread306 revealing: “I remember driving on the bridge next to the shipyard area with a player I just met in the passenger seat. Radio Ga Ga came on over the radio and he said ‘this song sucks’. So I kicked him out of my car and left him on the bridge.”

Others outlined their deep love of the city’s premier pop station, with user 1234iamfer saying: “Non-Stop Pop (FM), love Kara on a cosy sunny day”, leading Supergerk to reply: “don't you feel like you got caught listening to your younger sister's playlist and (are) secretly loving it?”

Moving on before that comment gets over-analyzed, a contingent of rap fans in the thread outlined a couple of minor frustrations with their station of choice, with user TheRiceFields02 saying: “West Coast Classics, (I) wish they'd stop saying it's (Dr) Dre day though and just switch in between Dre songs and the songs that were originally on that station” and King-Of-Anonymous agreeing: “every day has (to be) the same Dre day man, when’s Snoop day, when’s 50 Cent day?”

Other station gaining mentions included East Los FM, with user 86thdj declaring: “I don’t understand what’s being said, but the music speaks to me!!” and West Coast Talk Radio, which brumdogmillionair saying: “it just makes me laugh.”

So, stick on your tune of choice and make sure to follow us for more GTA Online updates as new content is released.

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