GTA Online car meet prompts debate on the game’s best supercars

An image of some supercars in GTA Online.

An image of some supercars in GTA Online.

For a lot of GTA Online’s richest players, being able to boast about the content of their garage is the main reason they’ve dedicated themselves to the grind all of these years.

After all, what’s the point in spending days completing daring heists and dangerous sales missions with your dedicated crew in order to boost your in-game bottom line unless you can convert those gains into something loud and fast that’ll make newer players massively jealous?

Now, a group of these motor-mad millionaires has gathered to show off their prized possessions, leading to a discussion of which of GTA's current crop of supercars is the overall favourite among players.

Which of GTA Online’s expensive exotics is your favourite?

This debate is the subject of a recent thread in the GTA Online subreddit, which began with a post from one of the car meet’s attendees, user Fatal_Moon0510, who shared a snap of the expensive automobiles gathered at a petrol station and asked: “What is your favourite (GTA branded) supercar?”

The response to their inquiry saw a host of high-performance rides and in-game manufacturers be mentioned, with users like SLOWnLOW76 and luigi_b0red suggesting that any automobile from the ranges of luxury Italian brands Grotti and Pegassi would get their vote.

Others went for specific models, with user danndaman007 narrowing their appreciation of Pegassi down to the Ignus and the Torero XO, the latter of which is a relatively recent arrival in Los Santos, having been shipped in as part of the Criminal Enterprises update.

Meanwhile, some users opted for non-Italian wheels, with SlyKnyfe12 going for the Mercedes-inspired Benefactor Krieger, TheDarkBeast1487 opting in favour of the Dewbauchee Champion and codbo_coldwater declaring: “(The Ocelot) XA-21 100%. Sounds good, handles good, and looks good.”

Meanwhile, a few users made observations regarding the cars pictured at the meetup in the original post, with sinanisiklar disgustedly pointing out: “Bro got white walls on a Lambo”, prompting Fatal_Moon0510 to deny ownership of the car in question.

On the other hand, user ardaaa1533 suggested that holding the event at a petrol station might not have been the best idea, leading Fatal_Moon0510 to reply: “There was talk about what would happen if some sort of explosion went off but we were all mature enough not to.”

Regardless of how mature the average player you encounter in GTA Online is, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new vehicles and more arrive.

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